Obama's Laugh Line, "I am my brother's keeper."

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  1. Democrats Missed the Best Laugh Line in Obama's Speech

    According to the New York Times’ notes accompanying the text of Sen. Barack Obama's acceptance speech, his remarks evoked AUDIENCE BOOS at three points, APPLAUSE at seventy-one points and LAUGHTER at two points.

    The boos, of course, were directed at Republicans, not at Obama.

    The applause followed such memorable lines as “Thank you so much,” “Thank you very much,” and “Thank you, everyoneAnd the two lines of Obama that moved the assembled thousand of Democrats to laughter were:

    1 “Now, I don't believe that Senator McCain doesn't care what's going on in the lives of Americans; I just think he doesn't know;” and

    2 “Washington has been talking about our oil addiction for the last 30 years. And, by the way, John McCain has been there for 26 of them.”

    Presumably Obama did not think this audience would find it just as laugh-provoking that the two fellow senators he had a few minutes before so lavishly praised -- Teddy Kennedy and Joe Biden -- have been around Washington even longer than John McCain.

    If they thought those two lines were so funny, I’m surprised they didn’t even catch the funniest thing he said Thursday night. As Obama was speaking of “the promise of America” and referencing a “fundamental belief,” he uttered a line that should strike everyone as a really funny thing for him to say: “I am my brother’s keeper.”

    He actually said that -- and none of them laughed.

    This man whose income last year exceeded $4 million and whose passion is to lecture the rest of us about compassion and helping the poor has a half-brother named George Hussein Anyango Obama who is living in a dilapidated hut in a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi on less than twelve dollars a year. He receives no help from brother Barack. Obama’s departing with some of his own change is not change his brother can depend on.

    Yet he stands before thousand in a stadium, addressing millions on television. and he says: “I am my brother’s keeper.”

    Now say what you want about the Clintons, they lent a helping hand to Bill’s half-brother and Hillary’s two brothers. Remember? In the closing days of the Clinton presidency, Bill and Hillary kept their brothers in the White House from where the three of them were able to support themselves selling presidential pardons. Bill even gave his brother a pardon for free.

    If Obama should decide that a change is in order in the matter of helping out his brother, let’s hope he lends a hand to the brother in that hut in a Kenya slum and not to his other Kenyan brother Abongo Obama, a militant Muslim activist who is campaigning to inflict Sharia law in that country.

    Fred J. Eckert is a former conservative Republican Congressman from New York and twice served as a US Ambassador under President Reagan. He is currently writing a second comic political satire novel; his first, Hank Harrison for President, was hailed by Library Journal as ?one of the best political spoofs since The Mouse That Roared.?
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    IMAO: Barack Obama Speech Analysis

    "On the forty-fifth anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream Speech," Barack Obama gave his speech accepting the nomination of the Democratic Party. King's speech was about judging people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, and while Obama's character lacks any content whatsoever, this was still pretty historic. And, if you can't nominate someone competent, you might as well go for someone historic.

    Anyway, it was an important speech that everyone should be talking about for about five or six minutes until McCain's running mate pick dominates the news cycle. Of course, I didn't watch it; I was busy playing Pokemon on my DS. There's these berry trees in the game that could die if I don't water them once a day, and we Republicans are all about responsibility. Still, I rounded up the reactions of other people to Obama's speech for your convenience:


    Nancy Pelosi: "It drilled my brains!"

    Harry Reid:"I wish I got applauded after speaking."

    Tom Daschle: "Do you think he'll hire me? Target is working me like a slave-driver."

    Joe Biden: "This was Obama at his most articulate. The speech was completely devoid of the ghetto slang we would expect from his kind."

    John McCain: "I've heard more coherent things out of gooks I've strangled. They also were less negative about me."

    Robert Byrd: "Holy crap, we just nominated a (censored)!"

    Joe Lieberman: "They wouldn't let me in the building."

    Keith Olbermann: "I had to change my pants twice during it."

    William Ayers: "To know my good friend Obama may go in the White House almost makes me not want to blow it up."

    Jeremiah Wright: "Bet the crackers ate that up."

    Kos: "Blig awagga gerrrrblah!"

    Michael Moore: "After it, I was speechless and obese."

    Chris Matthews: "The doctors found out that the tingle up my leg is nerve damage."

    Hillary Clinton: "Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, wee child, but never think this is over."

    Fred Thompson: "I've crapped better speeches."

    Barack Obama: "It was the greatest speech ever given. It was like God Himself was speaking through me and then I realized: I'm God."

    Paris Hilton: "It lacked substance.""

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  3. Did Obama really say (in another speech) "we are the ones we've been waiting for?" And they accuse baby boomers of being self-absorbed and narcissistic.
  4. Typical of a wealthy and or liberal socialist. Zer0bama is quite the example, showing us that only the government through taxation can help the poor, and apparently no individual should help someone directly.

  5. :D That is very funny!
  6. Actually Obama may have -- who knows.

    Additionally the brother says that this has all been exaggerated by the media and that he lives quite well. In fact, he even volunteers for a charity:

    "...reports surfaced in the past few days, springing from an Italian Vanity Fair article saying George Obama is living in a shack and "earning less than a dollar a day. The reports left him angry."

    "I was brought up well. I live well even now," he said. "The magazines, they have exaggerated everything. I think I kind of like it here. There are some challenges, but maybe it is just like where you come from, there are the same challenges," Obama said."

    "Obama, who is in his mid-20s, is learning to become a mechanic and is active in youth groups in Huruma. He said he tries to help the community as much as he can.

    "At least one of his neighbors feels that perhaps the candidate should help the brother. "I would like Obama to visit his brother to see how he is living, to improve his way of life," said Emelda Negei, who runs a small dispensary near Obama's house.

    "But George Obama will have none of it. He draws inspiration from his famous half-brother."

  7. It's not about the brother. Good for him not whining and asking for money from the half brother who makes more in a day than he will his entire life. Too bad Obama's supporters here aren't as proudly independent. They prefer Obama's hate the (white) rich demagoguery he learned so well from his mentor, Rev. Wright.

    The point is that Obama postures, literally, as his "brother's keeper" when he is the exact opposite. That is properly called hypocrisy.
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  9. Well that's a relief because apparently the Republicans have latched on to some misleading information (shocking, I know.)

    Of course, Obama secretly hates whites and the rich which is why he graduated from Harvard. You ever slow down and ask yourself "What are my beliefs and why do they keep disagreeing with reality?"

    No, it's called a quotation, or a metaphor. Also when someone tells you to hold your horses about jumping into some radicalism, it doesn't have anything to do with actually holding horses.
  10. Obama graduated from Harvard because he worked hard and earned it, and because he lives in a country that gives the opportunity to go to such a school. So when he for 20 years attends a church of Rev Wright who reminds everyone that America is so evil, it seems so ungrateful to me. How does someone reap the benefits of a country, and then associate with people who want to find all the faults of that country? This is my problem with Obama. Obama was the luckier offspring of his father. He was born of an American mother, so he is an American who can capitalize on American opportunitys. Obama's brother of the same father was not so lucky if you want to guage happiness on comfort and material things. Maybe Obama's brother has nothing to compare his life to, so he is happy with what he has, and content. But anyone who comes to America knows the difference in the comfort level. And Obama should be able to see he is successful because of the country he lives in. Sometimes he seems to portray an image of compassion and understanding to appease people, but he has his own agenda of wealth and fame. There is nothing wrong with wealth and fame, but when you portray yourself as for the people, while aquiring wealth and prestige, it is communism in nature.
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