Obamas job creation bill question.

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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=axXSUijfeIbg

    Obama is proposing initiatives to help small businesses grow and hire new staff, spend money to modernize roads, railways, bridges and tunnels, airports and seaports and a new program to provide rebates for consumers who retrofit their homes to become more energy efficient, such as weatherization measures, a White House official said. The official didn’t release further details.

    But to me this just seems like it will generate Jobs for people to operate tractors,forklifts,shovels,road work heavy machinery, caulking windows.

    This does not seem like those jobs pay more than 13-14 an hour.

    Digging holes and covering them back up does not seem like true productive use of capital.

    Aint that what the soviet union did?
  2. Obama is proposing more "government sponsored, parasitic suck-teat" jobs.

    What America needs is "tax and regulation restructuring" to become "tax and business friendly"... to attract capital which will create REAL, "revenue-driving jobs".. but that will never happen.

    Obama and the Left have the productive part of the US economy "under their thumb"... and they ain't going to let us up.

    Without a Second American Revolution to THROW THE BASTARDS OUT... within 20 years, America will look like the Soviet Union before its collapse. :mad: :mad:
  3. clacy


    This guy is just embarrassing himself at this point.

    If the Republicans can nominate ANYONE with a pulse (clearly not another McCain), Obama will be a 1-term President.
  4. the sad truth is that very few americans are worth over 13-14 per hour plus benefits.
  5. Obama says we are going to spend our way out of bankruptcy and if he says its possible, it must be true! In fact...we should tell everyone who is in debt right now that they should go out and spend MORE money on their credit cards because that will help get the economy going more and pretty soon their jobs will have to start paying them more money which they can then use that money to pay off their credit cards! See...it doesnt sound insane at all! Gimme some more kool-aid.
  6. wanna create jobs?

    just shut down immigration

    we dont have a MASS immigration of people who do 'jobs american wont do' or who are 'geniuses'

    we just have a flood of labor glutting the market in a depression

    labor market's really no differnet than a stock index chart

    "are there more buyers, or sellers?"
  7. Actually it seems more and more illegal immigrants are leaving to go back to their countries as there is a lack of jobs here.
  8. I just hope Americans do not have a problem working in the sun and breaking a sweat. All the jobs that this bill will fund seem like hard labor type work.

    This Job Bill makes no sense. Why not use it to create high technology jobs?
  9. I am totally not impressed with this jobs bill.

    We need to stop this shit and fully fund NASA NOW. NASA has shown the greatest return on investment of any program other than vaccination and K-12 education, and the morale boost was incredible.

    Now we are letting much of it slip away just at the juncture that we need it most.

    April 4000 more jobs will be lost when the external tank production for the space shuttle shuts down.
    In a few months the tooling for the most sophisticated and efficent rocket engine EVER manufactrued, the Space Shuttle Main Engine, will be scrapped, if it has not been already.


    The idea of electing a "liberal" who believes in SCIENCE was to stop this travesty, but it has not stopped.
    We still need to get to the space station, we still need to repair satellites and space observatories. But now anything coming back is going to have to withstand higher Gs and whole fleets are going to have to be deployed in three oceans to recover the capsules because we have regressed 50 years to a splash down.

  10. Very disappointing indeed. Let go of highly educated, highly productive folks working on a what is still a leading edge technological marvel to support low education, low productivity folks digging holes or collecting welfare. Sounds like a major step in the wrong direction.
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