Obama's Inauguration Costs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by daveyd330, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. daveyd330


    In a time where this country is facing a financial meltdown, we have a inauguration tomorrrow that according to estimates will run the American taxpayers around $140 million dollars.

    The previous most expensive inauguration costs was Bush which ran around $40 million.

    This country is screwed, how many homeless people could $140 million help? How many homeowners could be helped?

    What a joke, just another dirty politician...

    OBAMA is clueless...
  2. False. How surprising.

  3. Mav88


    the number is not false, security costs plus the other $45 million will certainly be in the $130 million range

    Bush inauguration: $40 million plus security
    Obama: $45 million plus security, but the security is harder on this one due to more people.

    The fact is people on the left were bitching about Bush's party, now they say we should celebrate.

    Here's the 2005 article details http://www.mrc.org/cyberalerts/2005/cyb20050117.asp#1