Obama's homosexual affairs heating up - book now bestseller in Germany

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  1. If people knew what they know about him now he would not have been elected.
  2. I guess thats why he's a 2-1 favorite to be re elected

  3. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0608/11164.html

    Obama accuser has long rap sheet

    Obama accuser has long rap sheet
    By: Ben Smith
    June 18, 2008 07:58 AM EST

    Larry Sinclair is wanted in Colorado, but you can catch him today at the National Press Club.

    Sinclair is familiar to political junkies and reporters as the source of outlandish allegations about Senator Barack Obama, tales that began with sex and drugs and moved on to murder.

    The Duluth, Minn., resident is the sort of figure who appears at the margins of every presidential campaign, and both Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton had their own obscure accusers with dramatic allegations. But as the old media ignores him, Sinclair has taken full advantage of the Internet, and a video in which he makes his claims that have been viewed more than 900,000 times on YouTube.
    This afternoon, he's reserved the Holeman Lounge at downtown Washington's National Press Club
    to try to lend his story the legitimacy that comes with national media attention.

    Sinclair's biography, though, may get in the way of that pitch: Public records and court filings reveal that he has a 27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit. The record includes forgery charges in two states, one of which drew Sinclair a 16-year jail sentence. The Pueblo County, Colo., Sheriff's Office also has an outstanding warrant for Sinclair's arrest for forging an acquaintance's signature and stealing her tax refunds.

    "It is what it is," said Sinclair's spokesman, Montgomery Blair Sibley, of his client's criminal record. "He's not hiding from it, he's not denying it."

    Addressing the Pueblo County theft charges, Sinclair swore in a 2004 affidavit that his "ALLEGED VICTIM SEEKS TO USE DEFENDANT AS SCAPE GOAT FOR HER HUSBANDS AND BROTHERS PROBLEMS WITH MEXICAN DRUG DEALERS."

    Sinclair's affidavit, which he posted to his blog, accompanied a request to a Colorado judge to dismiss the warrant on the grounds that Sinclair was "disabled with [a] severe spine injury and nerve damage," that returning to Colorado would put his life in danger, and that he was "terminally ill."

    Sinclair, who is still alive, is 46, stands 5'7", and weights 168 pounds, according to arrest records. Colorado records list him with 13 aliases, including "Larye Vizcarra Avila" and "Mohammed Gahanan." His story has generally been ignored by the mainstream media, because he's been unable to substantiate his allegations. He has come to public attention recently, however, because his planned appearance at the National Press Club drew complaints from a wide array of prominent liberal bloggers, led by Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher. Their petition to prevent Sinclair from renting space at the club – which bloggers feared would lend him credibility – drew more than 11,000 signatures.

    Press Club President Sylvia Smith said Sinclair had rented space at the club, which doesn't censor speakers.

    "I'm not aware that we've ever turned anybody away for content," she said, adding that Sinclair's allegations "don't seem very credible."

    Politico isn't reprinting Sinclair's allegations because they are unsubstantiated.

    This February, the website Whitehouse.com reportedly offered Sinclair $100,000 if he could pass a polygraph test verifying his claims. He took them up on it, and the site said in a press release that the polygraph organizers said his results "indicated deception." Sinclair then suggested the polygraph's sponsors had been bribed to skew the results against him, an allegation his lawyer, Sibley, said he would expand on at his press conference.

    Sibley is best known as the lawyer for the "D.C. Madam," the late Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Earlier this year, the Florida Bar Association suspended Sibley's license to practice law, in part for being a "vexatious litigant," a suspension that applies in Washington, D.C., as well.

    Wednesday, Whitehouse.com has scheduled a competing press conference outside the National Press Club to discuss the results of the polygraph.

    Sinclair's brushes with the government long predate his recent interest in Senator Obama. The details of his criminal record surfaced after he filed a defamation suit in federal court in Washington, D.C., against three anonymous online critics with names like TubeSockTedD who had written, among other claims, that he was living in a mental institution at the time he allegedly met Obama. Sinclair denies the claim.

    In response to his suit, a lawyer for the anonymous bloggers hired local attorneys and private investigators, and dug up details of Sinclair's criminal record from Colorado, Florida, and South Carolina. The lawyer, Paul Levy of the nonprofit Public Citizen Litigation Group, provided his client's filings in federal court, which are publicly available, to Politico.

    The records tell the story of an itinerant life of small-time crime and bad checks, punctuated by stretches of jail time in two states.

    He was first arrested on a larceny charge in 1981 in Denver, according to his Colorado arrest record, as filed in federal court. In 1985, he was convicted of theft and of forging a check in Florida, and sentenced to a year in jail, according to Florida records filed in federal court.

    After the Florida episode, according to the records, he returned to Colorado, where he faced check fraud and credit card charges in 1986. Then, in 1987, he was convicted in Colorado on more serious forgery charges, and sentenced to 16 years in jail.

    In prison, according to state records filed in federal court, Sinclair was disciplined 97 times for infractions including assault, threats, drug possession, intimidation, and verbal abuse, most recently in

    "He has not institutionalized well," a spokeswoman for the Colorado Department of Corrections, Liz McDonough, told the Denver Post in 1996 after a month-long Sinclair hunger strike. She said he had served time in prisons in Buena Vista, Delta, Limon and Canon City before being transferred to the state's maximum security penitentiary in 1993.
  4. Aha. I thought Germany was in love with Obama.
  5. You know its bad when even the "birthers"website reports that Sinclair failed 2 polygraphs



    ELECTION 2008
    Obama accuser fails polygraph
    Deception indicated in tests on drug, sex charges

    Posted: February 24, 2008
    7:58 pm Eastern

    © 2009 WorldNetDaily

    Larry Sinclair, left, given polygraph test

    WASHINGTON – The Minnesota man who accused leading presidential candidate Barack Obama of cocaine use and having sex with him in the back of a limousine nine years ago has reportedly failed two polygraph tests administered by the website WhiteHouse.com.

    The tests were administered to Larry Sinclair Friday by Ed Gelb, former president of the American Polygraph Association, according to the site. One dealt with the sex claim and the other with the drug allegation. Deception was indicated in both, the report said.

    The complete results and analysis are expected to be released tomorrow.

    Sinclair first made his extraordinary charges in a YouTube video that has now been seen by more than a half-million visitors. He also filed a lawsuit in Minnesota District Court alleging threats and intimidation by Obama's staff.

    Sinclair was offered $10,000 to take the polygraph and $100,000 if he passed.

    "My motivation for making this public is my desire for a presidential candidate to be honest," Sinclair told WND by telephone. "I didn't want the sex thing to come out. But I think it is important for the candidate to be honest about his drug use as late as 1999."

    Sinclair, who lives in Duluth and describes himself as "gay," claims he "personally engaged in sexual activity and personally used illegal drugs in November 1999" with the man who is now the leading Democratic presidential candidate.
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    Barney Frank has been spending a lot more time with Obama. It 's been reported that he told Frank, "It melts in your mouth", not in your hands~~~~
  7. Obama's ex-lover (Donald Young) was the choir master at Obama's church.

    Mr. Young told people Obama enjoyed pitching and catching. Hope our President isn't bent over in the Oval Office with his pants around his ankles by some French Ambassador.
  8. That is nonsense. Here is a simple rule of American politics. In general political priorities in voter's minds go like this

    1. Serious national security issues (holy shit! type of issues)
    2. Economy
    3. Superificial nonsense i.e how much one loves america, whether he is "one of us", whether you can have a beer with him, whether he is a straight shooter, etc.

    The reason Obama got elected and #3 did not matter was because people were tired of W years and were getting concerned economy was going to hell in a hand basket (9/11 was not an issue, Iraq got diminished and Afganistan was on a low burner). Republicans spend 07 and almost all of 08 talking how democrats were talking US into a recession (a demented concept really) and generally laughing at any suggestion that economy sucked. Idiot hannity 5 days before lehman went kaput was talking how good US economy was (The video was posted in a different thread)
    People assumed that since Bush was a moron and Obama was not that Obama was going to come in and fix everything quickly. As Bill Clinton pointed out early in the primaries it was a fairy tale. The depth of US problems preclude anyone of any mental capacity of fixing them quickly (yes, even Warren Buffet/Steve Jobs/Bill Gates)

    Once the fairy tale is broken, people wake up to the fact that we are in for a long haul of bad stuff and obama's poll numbers drop accordingly.

    Fox&other scum spent the better part of 08 telling US how Obama hates america, pimping bill ayers/jeremia wright nonstop, etc. People knew about those issues and ignored them for reasons mentioned earlier in this post.
  9. Are you working out of the WhiteHouse situation room?

    Can't you even layoff one comment critical of Obama. You are Obama's biggest cocksucker.
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