Obama's Got A Spending Problem

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  1. ...come campaign time. How is he going to sell his "tax the rich" class assfare and promise free ice cream to Gabfly and AK Dumb Dumb?

    A vast majority of Americans, 73%, blame wasteful government spending for the record deficit.
    Gallup reported:

  2. pspr


    Obama will go back to his bottom-up economic theory. Remember the woman telling the press that Obama would pay for her gas and make her mortgage payment. There are a lot of bottom feeding fools like her with a vote.
  3. Ricter


    Ironic, because if there are "a lot" of such fools, they necessarily make up the larger part of the 73%.

    Looking at government spending as a percent of GDP by country, the US is pretty close to the bottom. Doesn't look like a spending problem to me, unless the majority of those countries spending more than we do are similarly in "this will be end of our country" condition as so many of you seem to think the US is in.
  4. Ricter


    Expenditures are high, we're all gonna die!!1!

    Unless... I'm forgetting something.
  5. Lucrum


    Then why do we owe $14 Trillion fucking dollars then?
  6. Ricter


    Because we're big?
  7. And that's why guys like Ricter should be on ignore...
  8. He'll say the same thing this time around. When asked why people didn't "get their Obama cash" after his election, he'll say it's because the Republicans wouldn't let him raise taxes. But THIS time around, he WILL raise taxes... and the Odumbo zombies will vote for him again..

    You just watch...
  9. Lucrum


    Big enough to pay off our debts?
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