Obama's golden child bankrupt

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    We all know it, Obama is really a leftist intellectual lightweight who thinks leadership is all about style. He really believed that his detached 'coolness' and belief in the power of words, which was really lack of substance, could actually work in the white house as well as it did on the campaign trail. When the real details matter and decisions must be made you can see the guy and his world view crumble. GITMO was a great example of reality backhanding the left ideology.

    I have another one for you, but this one cost you half a billion. Solyndra, the crown jewel of his 'progressive' and green economic agenda, has gone under taking a lot of your money with it. Here you have a microeconomic example of how Obama's gang thinks they can control and grow an economy by spending gov't money as they see fit and fund their buddies along the way. It's nothing more than the same old communist-progessive approach that's been tried many times over and failed as many times. In case you didn't know, the radical left has taken over anything 'green'. (check out this shit for an example http://www.greenforall.org/about-us/staff or note the fact that the founder of greenpiece left because the communists took it over)

    Get ready for more of this



    Who in their right mind wants this president to guide any recovery?
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    here's a lovely video - little Obamas, they are gonna show everyone how it's done. Gives you insight into the mind of a 'green' (code for white man hating communist) minority community organizer and how they think economics should work- or really the lack of a mind. These people are going to be in the majority soon, this should scare the hell out of you.


    I love the 'stories can cure what ails us' line. Now you can understand the intellectual vacuum behind the left's green movement. One can also see why Obama is clueless as to real economics.
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    The problem is that Obama isn't our leader. He is simply the spokesperson for the government.
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