Obama's Fundraising Failures.

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    October 14, 2011
    Obama's Fundraising Fail
    Thomas Lifson

    The media will not hype it, but the Obama re-election effort is on track to fail at raising the promised billion dollars for his re-election campaign. After it's hard to raise miney when you look like a loser and part of your base is alienated. Althogh news reports credit him with $70 million in the most recent quarter, that includes money raised by the DNC. His own campaign only got $42 million, nowehere what he needs to hit a billion. William Jacobson examines the latest data and makes some shrewd observations.

    Obama raised $42 million for his campaign in the third quarter, plus another $27.3 million for the DNC. Naturally, the top line $70 million joint number is being hyped. (snip)

    * Obama is nowhere near on track to raise the $1 billion he wants for his campaign.
    * Obama's $42 million haul is less than the $50 million George W. Bush raised in the third quarter of 2003, the comparable time period.
    * The high campaign number of donors and low average donation numbers does not reflect wide support, but gimmicks like the $3 dinner raffle.

    But hey, maybe some of his hippy libertard wall street protester clowns can chip in $$$ for his campaign? lol Well, on second thought, the only thing they could contribute to him are what they've been passing around at their protests - 'heroin', 'mary jane', and condoms. All funded by George Soros I'm sure.