Obama's Father Was Classified Anti-American & Anti-White

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    Mr Obama Sr had grown up in Kenya under British rule and aroused the fears of both colonial officers and American officials when he won a chance to study in Hawaii. The officials felt Kenyan students were ‘academically inferior’ with a ‘bad reputation’ for turning anti-American.

    A memo from a British diplomat in Washington to Whitehall – released today by the National Archives in West London – sets out their concerns about the young Kenyans.

    Dated September 1, 1959, it says: ‘I have discussed with the State Department. They are as disturbed about these developments as we are. They point out that Kenya students have a bad reputation over here for falling into the wrong hands and for becoming both anti-American and anti-white.’

    In one of the Foreign Office files, the future president’s father appears on a list of Kenyan students as ‘OBAMA, Barack H’.

    Mr Obama Sr was among 100 or so Kenyan students brought to America by the African American Students Foundation.

    U.S. and British officials were deeply suspicious of this outfit, observing that the AASF – though backed by singer Harry Belafonte and actor Sidney Poitier – had links to a Kenyan nationalist leader.

    ‘The motives behind this enterprise, therefore, seem more political than educational,’ warned a letter from the British Embassy in Washington.

    It added: ‘The arrival here of these students, many of them of indifferent academic calibre and ill-prepared for the venture, is likely to give rise to difficult problems.’

  2. like father like son, no surprise there .
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    And here's pspr yet again, "not" playing the race card.
  4. Wow but why anti american and not anti british? After all its the brits who destroyed his homeland.
  5. 1959? LOL! Hell, just about any black man was considered anti white and anti American.
    I don't think Obama is anti white or anti American. He's just cut from the same mold as most politicians and is incompentent to boot. That should be enough to fuel the debate. Let's raise the bar.
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    Probably Britan and the U.S. represented the same western values and they hated both. I don't know what the political climate was between the U.S. and Kenya in the late 50's but we probably supported the British in what ever they were doing there.