Obama's Experience

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Capablanca, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Last time i checked i think a governor makes more executive decisions than lawyers, professors and community organizers combined but what do i know.
  2. Not only interesting, quite accurate. The material delves into the prepared coarse materials looking down the middle of the road with little depth. The real secret here is that they should have inquired who prepared them. You might check into what black professor (he has multiple business degrees by the way) in Chicago assists others in preparing materials for their classes and see if he knows and has worked with the senator. :)
  3. The linked articles are very interesting. Obama seems to have displayed an impressive knowledge of constitutional law. He might make a worthy Supreme Court justice for a liberal president.

    The concerns people have with him center on the fact that he has had bassically zero in the way of experience that would be relevant to being commander in chief, overseeing the economy or managing foreign affairs. What little evidence we have of his judgment lies chiefly in people he chose to associate with over lengthy periods of time, and that list is frightening, eg Rev. Wright, Father Pleger, Bill Ayers and his wife, Tony Rezko.