Obama's economy has been a failure of tragic proportions.

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  1. Romney calls Obama’s handling of the economy ‘a moral failure of tragic proportions’

    By Holly Bailey | The Ticket – 5 hrs ago

    Mitt Romney called President Barack Obama's handling of the economy a "moral failure of tragic proportions," suggesting he's failed the American people by enacting policies that have been "muddled, confused and simply ineffective."

    Speaking at a campaign event in St. Louis, the Republican nominee said it is "painfully obvious" that Obama was "inexperienced" and "simply not up to the task" of leading the country out of this "great economic crisis."

    "We have waited, and waited and waited for recovery, and enough time has passed to pronounce judgment on the economic policies of this administration: They have not worked," Romney told supporters at a campaign event in St. Louis.

    He called Obama's vision for the country "deeply flawed."

    "It doesn't have to be this way," Romney said. "These have been years of disappointment and decline, and soon we can put them behind us. We can prosper again, with the powerful recovery we have all been waiting for, (and) the good jobs that so many still need."

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    I would seem that Obama must have no chance of a recovery if Romney is ready to play the jobs and economy card.

    Clinton must have seen the same report.
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    Change, and hope!
  4. Obama had good intentions but obviously clueless. He said we're going to put people to work with shovel ready projects.

    When he saw the futility in that agenda he came right out and said basically we are not going to undue years of progress by arbritrialy (sp?) approving projects, which I assume he meant, no epa changes or zoning changes, to get things moving etc etc plus we saw the politics with the pipeline.
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    I would bet that Obama has never touched a shovel. :p
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    No but he did scoop ice cream for a bit.