Obama's economic plan is an already failed one

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  1. The guy is going to screw it big time.

    Anything that doesn't add to US competition and power vs other countries will fail, and will result in the failure of the USD. Once the USD fails there is no point of return for america.

    Any idiot who comes out in this era and talks about increasing taxes desires to rape america.


    One way to increase competition is to invest in increasing US capabilities when it comes to automated manufacturing, industrial robotics and automating & mass producing tools of production. I might be biased in this regard because I'm in the electrical/computer engineering market but that doesn't mean what I'm saying is not valid. If we can really expand in this field even if we do not implement it fully we can easily show countries like china that we can kill their economy for good if we want to.

    "The average cost per hour to operate an industrial robot is "30 cents per hour," according to Ron Potter, director of robotic technologies of Factory Automation Systems.

    Even if this last figure is doubled to 60 cents and includes a vision system, a software package and yearly maintenance, it is still only one-fifth the cost per hour of a Chinese laborer."


    but it's never going to happen, because easing production and reducing the cost of manufacturing tools will make it possible for very small businesses to purchase those tools and produce most what they desire. That is too much power in the hands of the average person, or a bit above average person.


    America is a pussy when it comes to foreign relations, specially war with other countries and obama is going to make an even bigger pussy out of america, what else would you expect from a pothead

    they don't know shit about the culture of other countries, and yet they want to win their hearts and minds, but end up winning their anger, I don't know if they do it on purpose but if they do they are pretty stupid if they don't calculate the consequences

    had america wiped iraq clean before putting foot on it's soil, they wouldn't be in the shit they are in now, humans reproduce quickly, and with the current world population human life has become really worthless, yet america made the same mistake they made in vietnam, f_k who runs these wars anyways

    i don't know if they intend to attack iran or not, but if they do they better nuke it before trying anything else. the only way to deal with stupid people is to use them, if you can't just kill them. worse than the iranian government is it's stupid people


    all in all, I don't see america growing any stronger, economic or military wise, this is it, with their level of intelligence they have reached their full potential, now the question is are they going to be able to maintian their position or f_k it all together, also are there any other countries that are growing at a fast enough pace to become stronger than the US?

    like I stated earlier, I personally think obama is going to f_k it big time, he and the people around him don't know shit about anything especially economics and yet he has the pride of a god. Regardless of the markets going up or down 2009 & 2010 are going to be real crappy years
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    Obama is owned by George Soros, George hates America, Obama is not going to be good for the USA. His party has learned they can lie and obfuscate their way out of anything so they are free to do whatever George wants. Fascism has a smiley face nowadays, it comes in so many formats but the end is always to transform people from citizens to subjects. Citizens are well informed and free, subjects are dumb and enslaved. Personally, I think they want the economic crisis to be so incredibly bad that they can sweep away the bill of rights.. wouldn't surprise me at all if they go that direction...

  3. Where you have that from ?
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    I don't call him oDUMBa for nothing. The sad part is America has grown dumber too, so an odumba was no surprise to me.

    My Advisory Clients are calling him the anti-Christ.

    He will begin by disarming America. (With the help of the libaral idiots in congress) After we're disarmed, anything's possible. well, the law-abiding will be disarmed. The bad guys will have their guns.

    Once the 2nd amendment gets raped by odumba, and his liberal buddies, America will be in the history books as so many other nations have who were disarmed. The people went from citizen to subject. Sadly, America asked for this, as we're not a smart enough nation to be ALLOWED to vote anymore. Sad!
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    Bush made you dump, guys in USA :)
    OR even better:
    you was just DUMP bevore (electing a stupid asshole like bush...)
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    You'll see.:eek:
  8. The only George that hates america is George Bush.
    At least his track record says so.
  9. purely from the economic perspective and not the political perspective


    1) what would you call what Bush-II has done and is directly responsible for over the last 8 years, presiding over the worse worldwide depression know on human record?

    2) what would you call the incalcitrent, business first, consumer / taxpayer / municipality be damned attitude of the Republican Senatorial delegation that continues to hold the banks harmless after hundreds of billions of dollars in bailout (free) money and ignoring the pleas for help from the manufacturing sector and the municipal sectors (yes, hundreds of cities, counties and states are pleading for help because of having been starved of their tax base also)?

    3) what would you call the remaining dismal days of the transition from the election to the inaugration?, and how those Bush-II policies continue to show:

    3a) millions more jobs being lost and certainly in the balance?
    3b) the possibility of unemploying 3 full states directly and many others indirectly (in reference to the automotive industry scenario)?
    3c) allowing through "wink and a nod" continued non enforcement of existing "on the books" regulations?, and no word from the bully pulpit (reference to Presidential influence when making public declarations) regarding all these

    3c1) corporate bonuses at the expense of these bailout funds
    3c2) corporate abuses at AIG and others after receiving public funds
    3c3) choosing not to lend to the automotive industry after bailing out the banking sector?

    I would say, you described Bush-II accurately,

    and wish that you or this reporter or this article could blame a person (any person) other than the cause,

    and a failed attempt at projecting some ill will towards whom ever comes into office after Bush-II.

    Whichever newly elected administration won, prognostications like these would have been made anyway, its particularly disconcerting to blame someone who has not even take office yet....

    that makes this news article, its editor for allowing it, its writers and those, like yourself who choose to promote / agree with it, show just how irrelevant and worthless your views are. After all, go fight with the electoral results and see whether the American people care to be abused anymore with all these abuses like those that they have endured for the last 8 years.

    They really didn't care to hear anymore of these so called "in the know", "we know better than you", "just listen to us and we'll make the decisions for you" people / types anymore.

  10. The number "30 cents" is too good to be true. Else why wouldn't industries use them? Why wouldn't some financiers hire you or that wRong Potter to make a factory to make cars to beat Toyota?
    Hey, we know that manufacturing robot use electricity to do some hard work. Your $0.3 is not enough for electricity.

    "I'm in the electrical/computer engineering market "
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