Obama's Disregard of Free Speech

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  1. The same leftests who've restricted speech in Canada, Germany and France are supporters of Barrack Obama. No surprise. While the cowards of the left bitch and whine about evil Herr Bush no admin critic including Mike Moore, George Soros or Al Franken has ever accused the Bush administration of harassment.

    Now comes this from todays editorial page in the Chicago Sun-Times a newspaper of tremendous liberal and Obama bias.


    Titled: Hey, Barack, ease up on Milt:

    If you're looking for a right-wing, red-meat, radio talk show host, Milt Rosenberg isn't your man.

    Since 1973, Rosenberg has hosted Extension 720 weeknights on WGN-AM Radio, an unusual program for any radio station in that it often examines one issue for two hours with detail and rigor.

    The show is -- dare we say it -- cerebral.

    Rosenberg makes no secret he leans to the right, but he prizes above all something all too often absent among other political radio hosts, left and right: Intellectual honesty.

    So it's startling to see that his radio show has become a target for an e-mail hazing from the Barack Obama campaign.

    Rosenberg's sin? Last month, Rosenberg had on Stanley Kurtz, a conservative writer exploring the connections between Obama and William Ayers, an education professor and former leader of the '60s radical bomb-making group, the Weather Underground. This week, Rosenberg hosted another critic, David Freddoso, the author of the best-selling The Case Against Barack Obama.

    For one show, Rosenberg's producer asked Obama officials to send a representative, and they declined. For the other, a liberal activist parried Freddoso's claims.

    One e-mail from the Obama campaign on Kurtz's appearance urged supporters to tell WGN that "they are legitimizing baseless attacks from a smear-merchant and lowering the standards of political discourse."

    Tons of e-mails and phone calls from Obama fans poured into WGN.

    We have no quarrel with the Obama campaign defending its candidate, but we see a stark difference between combatting lies, distortions and spin -- and shouting someone down.