Obama's commerce secretary in Felony Hit and Run!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Clubber Lang, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. 'Probably' caused by Bush.
  2. JamesL


    The secretary was driving alone in a Lexus on a major street in San Gabriel when he allegedly struck the rear end of a vehicle occupied by three males that had been stopped for a passing train.

    He spoke briefly with the occupants and then hit their car again as he departed, the officials said.


    Now...you can't blame Obama for every stupid thing his staff does even if there is a considerable amount of stupid stuff they do.

    But, a more important question, is the Lexus a UAW union made vehicle? I don't think so:

  3. He had a seizure? So did Ted Kennedy. Hate it when that happens.:eek:
  4. why did he get released from the hospital so quickly. I would think they would run a battery of tests. I don't think seizer diagnosis is something you just walk into and out of a hospital, especially if you're high profile.
  5. That's for you and me. We go in and they'd be running all kinds of tests, including that pesky blood alcohol test.
  6. Maybe Zimmerman can use this excuse. He had a seizure. Yeah, that's the ticket.