Obama's code name "Little Bitch"

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  1. "Little Bitch" is Obama's code name at the Secret Service.

    Sercet service are Obama's personal bodyguards. Excellent.
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    Sameeh55 told me code name was "filthy zionist"...... we must have mixed up our intel....
  3. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-secret-service-code-names-obama,0,2687400.story

    'Renegade' joins 'Twinkle,' 'Rawhide,' 'Lancer' on list of Secret Service code names

    When John Kerry was running for president, his daughter Vanessa joked that if her father beat George W. Bush she wanted her Secret Service code name to be "the hot one."

    Dad didn't come through for her, and the Bush twins probably got a good laugh out of it, knowing that for another four years they'd carry the awesome aliases "Twinkle" and "Turquoise."

    Since the time of Harry Truman, commanders in chief and their families have been assigned security code names. Truman's was "General." Dwight Eisenhower was known as "Providence." And John F. Kennedy, perhaps suggesting a Camelot theme, was "Lancer."

    The Obama family recently received its new (and alliterative) names: "Renegade" (Barack), "Renaissance" (Michelle), "Radiance" (Malia) and "Rosebud" (Sasha).
  4. Somebody has posted in elitetrader "Little bitch".
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  6. Nope......his REAL name was;

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    LOL that was pretty funny. :D
  8. Obama knew he was jumping into a raging fire (USA) when he contested USA presidential elections in year 2008. If obama did not have any new solutions to save USA, why did he become president? Obama has copied and pasted Bush's decisions. In fact Obama has crossed the limit of making worse decisions. If you cannot stand the heat, do not play with fire.

    All of Obama's decisions result in negative for the USA economy and its citizens. It seems God is angry with Obama. The biggest problem with Obama is that he speaks too much. People who speak too much, they never succeed in their life.

    Obama says to USA "It is only words, words are all I have for you".
  9. Oh man, this guy is just priceless... :D

  10. Bearice is worth $ 1 Trillion. Correct me if I am wrong?
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