Obama's civil war in Iraq

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  2. Well the thing here is, Does anyone in Iraq care if a Wall Mart shopper gets trampled fighting over a waffle maker on sale? I doubt it. This is what we do and that is what they do.
  3. The Iraqis refused to grant our troops immunity from prosecution and that is the sole reason he took them out.
  4. Do you remember not so long ago Iraq was under Saddam Husein.

    No one was dying from a bomb in Iraq, they had peace until invasion by foreigners.
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    If Al Qaeda or Iran starts to assert themselves in Iraq (and they probably will) Obama is going to look like a fool for dropping the ball on the negotiations to keep some troops in Iraq.
  6. Without immunity we should absolutely NOT be there... but I wonder what the real story is behind the failure to reach a new agreement.
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    I read a story somewhere that the negotiations were started late and without any real enthusiasm to reach an agreement by Obama's team.
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    Iraq is history.
    How 'bout we start worrying about how to rehab the USA?
  9. Let's see the logic here:
    Saddam was supposedly killing all his people.
    The USA gets rid of Saddam.
    USA leaves Iraq.
    Iraqis don't have a brutal dictator killing them so they start to kill each other.
    Why do we even bother with that country? Let them kill each other until no one's left and THEN take the oil when it's easier.
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    Max E.

    I agree, this is one thing that you cant blame Obama over, him and the American military would have been more then happy to leave the troops there for ever.

    The dumb asses running Iraq gave up free access to our army, its their own fault when their country fails now.

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