Obama's Chicago:Twice The Murders This Summer As Combat Deaths In Iraq

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  1. How ironic. A black Chicagoan who rose through the primary season on his opposition to war in Iraq- yet his Chicago neighborhood is a literal war zone. Instead of bullshitting America about his negotiation prowess with terrorists perhaps Obama should serve the neglected people of Illinois who elected him by finding a solution to Chicago's gang problem.

    Keep in mind handguns are ILLEGAL in Chicago. Los Angeles a city with almost a million more residents-a city itself beset by infamous gangs-had 40 less murders than Chicago this summer. And yes BTW, L.A. doesn't have a gun ban.

  2. Guess we have to ignore the hundreds of thousands of brown-skinned Iraqi dead for this Republican comparative morality.

    Only about 5000 dead from pre-1992 mass graves in Iraq have been found, so Saddam was better than Chicago.

    And yet we invaded anyway.
  3. Do you honestly (as if....) think that anyone here believes you care about what happens in the gang wars in Chicago, or anywhere else for that matter.

    Your reference to black on black crime in Chicago as being a genuine "issue" for you, when you are a patent racist, is another case of a conclusion looking for a fraudulent argument.

    More people die in cars resulting from alcohol abuse than in gangland slayings, so what have the republicans done to negotiate with the people who would drive drunk?

    Laughable, you really are...

  4. If a Republican from a Republican city with an inordinately high death rate from drunk driving were running for President I would absolutely expect his inaction to an issue.

    I almost failed to vote for Bush because of his DUI. But then I figured with Gore's daily pot smoking and his kid's multiple DUI's it was a wash.....
  5. People in Arizona have higher than average rates of skin cancer.

    McCain is a real bastard.
  6. Damn right, why doesn't he negotiate with the sun to change the situation!!!


  7. You guys are getting looney.

    Now Obama is a underdog. All us Republicans send out a big Thank you to the liberals and their blogs
  8. I like that you perceive that Obama is the underdog, and I hope that many other people perceive the situation in the same way.

    The reality is that he's even or slightly ahead, but it's more beneficial for the Democrats if he's perceived as being under attack, and at risk of losing.

    Not sure why you want to vote Republican and I can only assume it's a "sports team" mentality, but your position will benefit the country at large.
  9. Saddam created two million widows. Part of it was his war of attrition with Iran and the other part was just domestic murder. Some bodies went through wood chippers, are you going to demand the Bush admin should account for them? Many were killed in combat and who knows where they were buried and many were shot and left on the streets as a warning to everybody... many were women, the Iraqis called them Saddam's whores, they believed that he grabbed them, raped them and killed them and left the bodies on the sidewalks of Baghdad for somebody else to deal with. I heard that from an Iraqi Dave.

    I bet you think that the USA is the worst, most mass murdering agent on the planet don't you and you just can't be a part of it... self loathing, country hating liberal, seeking the moral high ground through superior thinking and inaction... you're iconic Dave.

    Among likely voters McCain is winning by a virtual landslide at this point in time Dave, get real about things... Google "poll likely voters", you will find that those are the most predictive polls according to the biggest polling organization, but, oh, wait, it's a US entity and therefore in your thinking it can't be trusted, ignore that, it's factual anyway...

    I just discovered how little Obama's positions line up with real voters, he is a complete mismatch Dave, so many voters are going to find things they don't agree with that generally, well, it's over Dave.
  10. Now now, be fair. That was during the Iran/Iraq war and Iran shared some of the blame for that (I know, I know, Iran is above reproach when it's necessary for a Republican argument.)

    Plus that's when the Republicans were giving him money, guns, WMDs and support.

    Remember the picture of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam's hand?

    No. That story was debunked already, along with most of the other nonsense.


    I'm sure you did. Secondhand information is no basis for a war.

    No, not quite correct. Although I do feel that the Republicans must have phenomenal compartmentalization to not recognize the blood on their hands.

    Perhaps you want to repharse "landslide" to "marginal loss." You can see pretty much any poll here:


    If you're referring to the country, I kind of agree. Even though the Democrats will likely win many seats in congress, the reality is that the Republicans have so soured the news media that it's almost impossible for voters to make informed decisions. (Your shredder misinformation is a good example of how misinformation poisons debate.) Thus the direction of the country, over decades, can't help but go downwards.
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