Obama's Character

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  1. In the last couple weeks Obama's tone has definitely changed for the worse. It should be expected that anyone would be worried about the problems of the day if they were president.

    What I am still amazed by is the amount of absolute over confidence he had when giving all those speeches.

    He told people he could change things and has basically hired back the Clinton and Carter administrations.

    He told people with absolute confidence that he could do something and now it seems his confidence is vanishing.

    It's almost as if Obama is too dumb to realize that inflating people's confidence artificially will kill not only his popularity but also his trustworthiness.

    I see zero character in a man that inflates people with hope and change just to win an election.

    He truly is filled with blind narcissistic ambition.
  2. ronald reagans greatest asset was his ability to inspire confidence in people.
  3. Shouldn't you be studying arithmetic?

  4. jem


    I did not vote for the guy - I suspect he might not even be a natural born citizen -

    but I think he is doing a good job so far. If he were up there looking like a loser - we would be doomed.
  5. I know it too early to call, but speaking of instilling confidence and change.

    Change = "tomorrow's a new day."

    Is not very inspiring.

    Nor have I heard any inspiring ideas throughout his campaign

    If Obama's appointment of Hillary to Sec of State is a strategy to find out who Bill Clinton's donors are, I'm going to be very annoyed.
  6. Messy things happen when one tries to compound numbers in their head.

    I could make pointless personal attacks on threads that have nothing to do with the thread itself but then again I am not extremely chemically imbalanced.

    Your changing of the subject to the actual person writing it only shows your deep insecurity about the real subject in the first place.

    You just got told.
  7. Right now it does not matter what he looks like. The only thing that matters is that he lied to the American public about being able to fix things just to get elected.

    Now hes fucking up the country with more bailouts.
  8. he hasnt even started as president yet. these are bush bailouts.
  9. Shows how informed you are.

    Bush is against the auto bailouts. Screw Bush anyways, he is no real conservative but at least he has the logic to quit lending out money!!

    Obama is telling the CEO's that if they make up a couple more false yet good sounding "facts and figures" than they have 34 billion in their pocket.

    Obama only cares about his short term image and not about the long term health of the country.
  10. George Bush: Bush supports a bailout, but would like to use the $25 billion that was supposed to be used for retooling factories to produce more efficient cars rather than tapping into TARP or providing new funds.
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