Obama's bro denied visa due to sexual assault

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  1. By Gloria De Piero, GMTV's Political Editor, 11/04/2009

    AMERICAN president Barack Obama's half brother was REFUSED a visa to enter the UK after being accused of an attempted sex attack on a young British girl.
    The News of the World can reveal that Kenya-based Samson Obama tried to get into Britain on his way to Washington for his family's big day, the historic inauguration in January.

    But eagle-eyed immigration officials at East Midlands Airport, using the latest biometric tests, discovered he was linked to an incident here last November.

    Details on the hi-tech database revealed that Samson-who manages a mobile phone shop just outside Nairobi -was in fact the same man who was arrested by police in Berkshire after he approached a group of young girls, including a 13 year-old, and allegedly tried to sexually assault one of them.

    He then followed them into a cafe where he became aggressive and was asked to leave by the owner.

    That's when police were called to the scene and Samson was arrested.

    But he gave officers a false ID - claiming to be Henry Aloo, a genuine refugee and asylum seeker - and supplied his mother's address in Bracknell.

    The UK's border controls are among the toughest in the world
    Mum Kezia, 67, has lived in the town for six years. She married the US president's father Barack Obama Snr in Kenya when she was a teenager.

    Following Samson's arrest he was fingerprinted but not formally charged and then left the country. However, all his details were stored on the Home Office's new database of prints and biometric details.

    President ObamaAnd that's what finally pinpointed Samson's link to the world's most powerful leader-as he attempted to slip back into Britain to visit relatives en route to joining the two million crowd at the swearing-in ceremony.

    The White House was informed and a Home Office source told the News of the World: "This was obviously an extremely sensitive issue when it was flashed up by the database.

    "But the system is designed to flag up people who have come to the attention of the police in the UK and are then trying to return.

    "This was a good example of how people who may be undesirable can be refused another visa."

    It is thought that Samson Obama-one of the President's 11 half brothers and sisters by his father who had four partners -managed to travel on to Washington for the inauguration after boarding a connecting flight to the States from East Midlands.

    He was able to do so despite not having a UK visa because he remained in transit and never left the airport.

    Last night a Home Office spokesman confirmed Samson Obama was refused a visa after immigration officers noticed one of the documents he supplied with his visa application was false. That led them to make further inquiries.

    A UK Border Agency spokesman said: "We consider all visa applications based on their merits. We will oppose the entry of individuals to the UK where we believe their presence is not conducive to the public good.

    "The UK's border controls are among the toughest in the world. All visa applicants are fingerprinted and checked against watchlists.

    "Using this hi-tech system we have detected more than 5,600 attempts to use false identities since December 2007.

    "Our officers in 135 countries around the world are working with law enforcement agencies and airlines to clamp down on forged passports and visas."
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    So the guy is sort of a lying wannabe molester and flaunts the laws of the West...
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    I'm hardly an Obama fan, but I fail to see what his half brother, who grew up halfway around the world and who Obama has probably interacted with on so few occassions I'd be willing to bet I could count it on my hands has to do with Obama.

    This kind of stuff just pisses me off. There are so many terrible things he is doing. When we piss and moan that "He went to a basketball game, or he went on a late night TV Show, or he made a final four pool, or now this with his brother, when our focus is on that it makes it very easy for people to dismiss us when the focus is on things that actually matter. For example his not having done shit about a bunch of Terrorists in rubber dingyings openly defying us, or his handling of the economy, or his telling us "Don't believe your own eyes" about bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia (he could have just said, I'm sorry...I think that his insistance on lying about it now says a lot more about him then the actual bow does) and his association and active friendships with active radicals and domestic terrorists. When we nit pick and nag on this petty shit it does nothing but discredit us on important matters and it's getting silly IMHO.

  4. It's just disgusting that we have a Prez that shares genes with a guy who would go after 13 year olds. Maybe Sinclairs stories are true after all.

    We're so fucked.

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    Barry Obama: Mar 18, 2008 ... "Let us be our brother's keeper"...

    He said this to help enact his socialist agenda. And that's why his brother living in squalor and doing things like this is important.
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    Come on, stop making me defend this SOB.

    My mom's cousin John is serving life in prison for kidnapping and sexually assualting a 9 year old boy. Pretty fucking sick- but I'm not sure what it has to do with my mom. My mom's aunt who raised him, yeah maybe..but certainly not my mom - she never liked the guy, everyone always thought he was weird and stayed away from him.

    In the case of Obama's brother he hardly even knows the guy. His dad was seems to have been pretty much of a manwhore (deplorable yes, but again hardly Obama's fault).

    There is plenty to go after Obama about, petty stuff is going to just work against us. Strategy without tactics is the slow road to victory, while tactics without strategy is the loud road to defeat.

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    Yes I agree with that, but there is a big difference. A brother living in squalor is something he actually has the power to do something about. A brother being a pervert, there is not much he can do about that.
  8. I think this story stinks, and I just wasted my time reading it

    Obama is retarded and so is the UK
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    And Bush's genealogy is any better???

    His Grandfather was a banker to the Nazi's, for fuck sakes.

    And lest we forget, GW Jr killed 80K+ Iraqis and 15K American Troops.

    Yea, a real champion of morality. LOL.

    Don't forget Bohemian Grove!
  10. Hardly a good defense of your king Obama. You try to make Obama look normal by trying to prove how nasty Bush is.

    This pattern is so common on the web. You must realize it only puts Obama down.
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