Obama's Biggest Obstacle

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What will Obama's biggest obstacle be in achieving his goals?

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  1. Republican Senate (Dems do not have supermajority)

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  2. Pelosi, Wrangel, et al

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  3. Lack of public support

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  4. Unknown surprises

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  1. What do you think will be Obama's biggest obstacle to achieving his goals:
  2. Sorry state of the country Bush will leave him to govern
  3. saving the US and the World which is same thing right now:(

    so goes the US so goes the World
  4. Getting the FED to print more money.:D
  5. I agree, the country is in some deep deep shit.
  6. Pelosi, Wrangel, et al

    Those two aren't giving up jack to a figurehead President.
  7. TT1