Obama's Bad Debate Performance Now John Kerry's Fault

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Obama hasn't accepted blame for any of his blunders as president. And we all know there have been many. Now it's John Kerry's turn to take the blame for Obama's screw up at the debate Wednesday.

    I would like to propose a unique view on Obama's poor performance. IT'S OBAMA'S FAULT.

    The Obama campaign has been reeling since losing the first Presidential debate of this election cycle in front of 67 million viewers. They've tried--and thus far failed--to craft a narrative to explain away the debacle in Denver. Previously, we reported to you that Obama Senior Advisor David Plouffe, who ran the President's successful 2008 campaign, (falsely) accused Mitt Romney of lying. In a rare comedic moment from the typically robotic former Vice President Al Gore, he suggested on Current TV that the Mile High City's altitude was the reason Obama was low on energy and enthusiasm. Neither of those caught on with the mainstream pro-Obama media.

    Now the Obama Administration is floating their latest excuse: that the campaign, particularly Romney stand-in John Kerry, did not channel Mitt's aggression enough.

  2. Don't blame Kerry... It was Bush's fault.
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    That's next.