Obamas backdoor tax.

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  1. Looks like employee healthcare will now be taxed. So now you can pay taxes to help octo-mom and her 8 kids.

    This is not exactly going to help the economy, if tax this you are basically saying FU to the middle class since they are the ones who usually have employee paid healthcare.
  2. Lucrum


    "Obamas backdoor tax"

    That has more than one connotation.
  3. He was adamant against McCains healthcare tax on employees saying it will hurt the middle class and spending.

    Then he slips it in plus now cutting down deductions on a mortgage.

    Looks like a winning plan to help the economy.
  4. If I'm not mistaken,thats only for those that make over 250,000
  5. Can you provide a source showing he is taxing health benefits
  6. Thats the problem no one does any actual research.

    Go google obama health benefits taxed. etc..

    its out there.
  7. INCREMENTALISM......the black curse of politicians!

    No doubt about it......another NEW TAX!

    .....this year for those at $250,000 and above

    .....next year for those with $150,000 and above

    .....2 years down the road for those with $100,000 and above

    .....3 years down the road for those with $75,000 and above

    etc, etc, etc...........same game, different tax! :eek:
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    As much as I disagree with Obama on policy, eveything he is doing is exactly what he said he would do. Except for the BS about no lobbyists or pork, he's pretty much stuck to what he ran on.

    On the bright side, the mid terms are only 20+ months off. Barry could end up being the best thing to happen to the Republican party since Reagan. :D