Obama's Approval Below 50%

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    When people find out the details of Obama’s polices are the opposite of his soaring rhetoric, his poll numbers decline.

    I think this video is an accurate metaphor for his declining poll numbers.

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  2. This demonstrates what a sad state of affairs the US is in right now and really shines the light on the left.

    Fortunately, Barry and the democrats are going down faster than the titanic.

    Online Poll: Jon Stewart Is America's Most Trusted Newsman

    Well, in a result that he will probably accept as downright apocalyptic for America, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart has been selected, in an online poll conducted by Time Magazine, as America's Most Trusted Newscaster, post-Cronkite. Matched up against Brian Williams, Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson, Stewart prevailed with 44 percent of the vote. Now, if we're being honest, he probably managed to prevail as the winner precisely because he was the odd man out in a field of network news anchors. Nevertheless, I think Jim Cramer should feel free to SNACK ON THAT.

    Brian Williams drew the second largest percentage of votes, with 29 percent. Gibson and Couric finished third and fourth, respectively, with 19 and 7 percent of the vote.

    Time has helpfully broken out the results, state-by-state, so if you want to muse on some anomalous results, feel free. Brian Williams won Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, Florida, South Carolina, Indiana, Delaware and Vermont, and tied in Kentucky and Alaska. Charlie Gibson was big in Tennessee and Montana. Katie Couric pulled off the Mondalian feat of winning one state: Iowa.

    Stewart finished no lower than second place in all states, except, curiously, Vermont.
  3. If I were the Clintons, I'd bail before it goes down.
  4. Still higher then his Republican competition


    ABC News-Washington Post Poll: 53 Percent View Sarah Palin Unfavorably

    Sarah Palin Losing Popularity, Problems for Political Future
    ABC News-Washington Post Poll: 53 Percent View Sarah Palin Unfavorably

    July 23, 2009—

    As she packs up the Alaska governor's mansion and pushes back against the latest ethics brouhaha, Sarah Palin's got other problems: A more negative public image than she held during the 2008 campaign  and broader questions about her grasp of complex issues.

    Just 40 percent of Americans in this ABC News/Washington Post poll hold a favorable opinion of Palin overall, down from a high of 58 percent shortly after she joined the GOP presidential ticket. More than half, 53 percent, now view her unfavorably.

    Favorability is the most basic measure of a public figure's popularity; 40 percent  a new low for Palin  is plenty to sustain some career paths that may follow her foreshortened term as governor  public speaker, author, broadcast personality. But for national politics, it's a challenge.

    ATTRIBUTES  The tide also runs against Palin on two basic personal attributes. Fifty-seven percent don't think she "understands complex issues," 8 points higher than last fall and a serious handicap in perceived qualification for high office. Fifty-four percent also don't see her as a strong leader; her 40 percent rating for leadership lags, for comparison, 31 points behind Obama's.


    GOP in 2012: Huckabee, Romney, Palin?

    GOP  There are sharp partisan and ideological divisions in these views, and Palin retains sufficient popularity in her base to score in the top tier among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in early preference for the 2012 presidential nomination: Twenty-six percent in this poll favor Mike Huckabee, 21 percent Mitt Romney, 19 percent Palin.

    Name recognition clearly figures heavily in such early-stage measurements; figures who were not on the primary or general election ballot in 2008 (this poll mentioned Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour) come in considerably lower.

    Other results underscore Palin's far better standing in her party than outside it. Seventy percent of Republicans view her positively overall. That dives to 40 percent of independents and 20 percent of Democrats.

    Ideology tells a similar tale; 61 percent of conservatives see Palin favorably, compared with 30 percent of moderates and 18 percent of liberals. Her sharpest drop is among moderates: Fifty-eight percent saw her favorably just after she joined John McCain on the GOP ticket.

    But Palin also has lost ground in her core groups. Her favorability rating from Republicans is 18 points below her peak last Sept. 7; her "strongly" favorable rating in her own party is down by 25 points. She's had a similar decline among conservatives.

    Similarly, the sense that Palin "understands complex issues" has dropped by 19 points among Republicans (from 75 percent last fall to 56 percent now) and by 14 points among conservatives (from 67 to 53 percent). [/B]
  5. How long before arlen specter comes begging back?

    Nice move douche bag.

  6. Eight


    The Democrats Health care plan....

    BTW, old people are getting very concerned about this great plan, apparently costs are kept down by refusing services to people that are old..
  7. That's the chart, that in the spirit of transparency barry promised during the campaign, the democrats prevented those against the plan from sending out to their districts.

    What the plan will do is prevent care that may or would extend life and offer them a pain killer instead to keep down costs, really what it is is premediated murder.

    Strangely enough all those wonderful democrats have exempted themselves and federal employees from having to participate.

    I can't understand how these scum bags can look at themselves in the mirror and worse, how any of these brain dead idiot democrat voters could ever vote for any of them again.

    Oh yes I almost forgot, we the taxpayers, will be forced to pay for abortions too.

  8. I don't what the idiots are patting themselves on the back for. Obama had no chance to begin with because Bush drove county into the ground.

    If you want an illustration of what a good political acumen looks like check out my post from 02/28/09

    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...perpage=6&highlight=carter obama&pagenumber=2

    Scroll down it says ... "Where is your false sense of outrage when W was racking up the debt?

    Obama is trying to fix the economy. He will not succeed because the underlying economic theory he is using is flawed. But the money being spent right now has a more honorable purpose than OIL."

    And then, on the first of march 2009 I posted the following:

    http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...perpage=6&highlight=carter obama&pagenumber=3

    "W is like Nixon, there is no profit in defending him.

    Obama is on track to become the second Carter. I guarantee you, in 2012 either Romney or Jindal will appear and say something along the lines of "morning in America", "government is not the solution government is the problem", "shining city upon a hill" and other worthless demagoguery.

    Republicans made a calculated gamble: they believe the stimulus will fail and they want no part of it. Meanwhile, average people won't care when it all began and who started it and will quickly forget what republicans did during W years. Average people just want results and a smooth talking demagogue will appear promising to give them just that. It will be sad to see this all unfold because I believe the stimulus has no chance in hell of succeeding."

    P.S Another thread (http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...perpage=6&highlight=carter obama&pagenumber=2)

    from 03/03/09 where I say "Obama walked into an elevator shaft with no elevator. The ridiculous cult of personality that developed around him coupled with overwhelming problems will assure that the honeymoon will not last long. I don't want him to become another Carter but he is going toward that destiny full steam."

    One last pearl of wisdom from 03/25/09


    "I said a few weeks ago that Obama's destiny was to be another Carter not FDR. (http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showt...285#post2331285)

    Cult of personality that developed with Obama is one of the big problems I have with the presidential system of government.

    Obama was assigned greatness before he stepped into the oval office. Greatness is earned posthumously. But not for Obama.

    Pelosi&Co think they got another FDR and with some federal government spending 50 years of democratic dominance will ensue. Fat chance. US economy is not what it was in the 1930s, and for a debt leveraged economy, spending some more will not create diddly squat. End result of "stimulus" will be 22 trillion national debt.

    People like to throw the word "socialism" around. Ultimate socialism is expecting the federal reserve to manufacture economic recoveries."
  9. I have thought that all along. I figure Hillary will say she gave Obama a real chance but she no long believes in Obama's vision for America. She will mount a bid for the 2012 nomination, but will probably come up short unless Obama really stinks the joint up. I think the dems are going to get pounded in the midterms and she will use that as an excuse to bail. Anyone who thinks her ambitions for a presidential bid are dead is simply fooling themselves.

    One of the few things I like about Obama is he beat the Clintons. It was a real treat watching the press, that once adored Bill Clinton so much, turn and start spewing venom at the Clintons.
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