Obama's An Economic Illiterate

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    ...The president’s “do something” government is grossly exacerbating the great jobless recovery he laments....

    ...The obstacle in this virtuous circle is government’s intervention, which either makes the investment unviable owing to too much regulation, or takes away the profit through taxation, which is what Obama seems to want more of....

    ...Sixty-four percent of small businesses will not hire any new employees over the next year, while 79 percent state that taxation, regulation, and legislation make it harder for them to hire more employees....

    ...regulations cost the American economy at least $1.75 trillion a year, and the burden falls harder on smaller businesses than on larger ones...

    ...Mr. Obama should do something about the size of the government he heads....Whatever deal is reached on the debt limit and budget deals, if it does not include substantial belt-tightening, it won’t work...

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011...ow-first-thing-about-economics/#ixzz1SKCnEaV0

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    Not much of a reader huh? Can't say as I'm surprised.
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    You must like the NBC made up news.
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  7. don't watch them either
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