Obama's Amnesty Program Ready To Go Into Effect

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    More than 1.7 million illegal immigrants could become eligible for tentative legal status Wednesday when President Obama’s non-deportation policy goes into effect, and after initial fears that the program would backfire, immigrant advocates are urging young immigrants to sign up.

    Activists say the policy is the biggest change on immigration in decades, and it has roiled the political landscape, solidifying Mr. Obama’s support among Hispanics and leaving presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney struggling to say what he would do.

    On Tuesday, the Obama administration laid out final details, including relaxed education standards that set a low bar.

    Under the rules, illegal immigrants in job training or who have enrolled in a GED course are eligible — a lesser requirement than obtaining a high school diploma or equivalency certificate.

    The government begins taking applications Wednesday, and immigrant rights groups and members of Congress from both parties have scheduled legal clinics across the country to help determine whether immigrants qualify and to aid them in filling out the forms.

    “Our job is to make sure that everyone who’s eligible for this program knows about it and applies for it if they feel comfortable after weighing the risks and benefits,” said Chung-Wha Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition. “So far, the benefits have kind of outweighed the risks, based on the hundreds and thousands of people coming forward.”

    The policy halts deportations for illegal immigrants not above the age of 30 who were brought to the U.S. before age 16, who don’t have a major criminal record, and who can show they have been in the country studying or in job training.

    Those eligible for the policy are known as Dreamers, after the Dream Act — legislation that failed to pass Congress but would have granted them a path to citizenship.

    The Obama policy does not offer a path to citizenship but rather “deferred action,” a halt to potential deportations. Those who qualify also can obtain a permit to work in the U.S.

    In certain states, that could be good enough to obtain a driver’s license or in-state tuition at state schools, advocates said.

    Republicans said it will push hundreds of thousands of new legal workers into an already tough job market, where they will compete with Americans.

    They also said the administration is not requiring in-person interviews for applicants and is accepting affidavits for some requirements, which they said is an invitation to fraud.

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    Well that's one way to get some votes to stay in power.
  3. pspr


    Yup. A new 1.7 million member illegal voting block for Obama and the democraps. Some may be too young but most will get registered and have a photo ID to boot.
  4. Has Romney objected? Or are he and the republican insiders too frightened of the hispanic voting bloc?

    Obama has acted illegally. He doesn't have power to unilaterally repeal immigration laws. The House could retaliate, but that would require more stones than John Boehner apparently has. All they have to do is cut a huge chunk of money from one of Obama's programs and refuse to put it back.

    The key though is the republican leadership should have gone ballistic the minute this edict came out. Instead, they cowered in their offices, afraid of offending hispanics. If they had declared war and made it clear it would not stand, they could have forced Obama tro back down and earned the respect of voters. Instead, by their cowardice, they handed Obama a big victory and managed to disgust their own base at the same time.
  5. I wish I could believe they were frightened. At least that would explain things to some degree. What I think their doing is worse, much worse. The republicans really don't mind illegal immigration, and that's extremely disconserting.
  6. “And to the millions of potential immigrants who are doing things the right way and waiting in line, this is what you get for obeying the law. Another slap in the face with a reward to those who jump to the front of the line and push you out of the way. If movie theaters, sports venues and concerts ran this way nobody would bother buying a ticket. Simply overrun the entrances and claim a seat without obeying the rules or paying your way. Then claim you are a "fact on the ground" and demand that you be allowed to remain. Those who stand in line and buy tickets will be locked out.”

    Brandon Judd, Border Patrol Agent
  7. It is about appeasing the Latinos now.

    This is why laugh with all the Nazi's get upset about black folk. Black folk are not your problem.:D

    To be clear, you are not a Nazi, nor do I consider you racist.

    Do not be Mittens and let this post push you further right, please.:)