Obama's 25 Ways To Rebuild America

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  1. Did you read through the list? Obama is a crack head.

    Build Bionic Man.

    We can't even make men out of the men we have. Now if you consider a bionic man so we could have more video gamers, booyah.

    Obama's Challenge: Use high-risk, high-reward policy tools such as prizes and challenges to solve the nation's toughest problems.

    Start with a nobel prize. This has always beeen a great incentive.

    Obama's Challenge: Attain early detection of dozens of diseases via a saliva sample.

    Pfffttt.. We have saliva test for HIV/AIDS, plenty of resistance in the market place with this product.


    What this country need is "instant" cold beer. Save energy on ice, coolers, etc. Fer chrissakes we can put a man on the moon but we have to wait for beer to chill. wtf Obama.
  2. You are nitpicking. You couldn't even find anything to nitpick the other 22. You approve of 88% of his agenda here, that's pretty good.
  3. The problem with Obama and his list is his thinking that America needs to be rebuilt.
  4. Lucrum


    When what we really need is a REAL President and a completely new congress.
  5. By "rebuild", he actually means "transform"... as into a COMMUNIST-LIKE STATE!

    Everything Obama says should be REJECTED. The sooner he is gone, the better.
  6. re-building beats hell out of killing abroad
  7. What ideas? People have been trying to find cures for Cancer for years.

    Nothing new there.
  8. instead of a trillion dollars per month for the war machine spend the money on cancer and aging.

    when yall reach 70 or faced with other terminal illness..

    is this reasoning rocket science for ya all? :confused:
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