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  1. http://www.infowars.com/?p=5839 :eek:

    Yeap.....Ron Paul was the only RIGHT answer!

    More debt financed consumption attempts ahead......just more of the same failing financial policies will be pushed by the "new kids on the block"!!!!!
  2. he's not even the pres yet you idiot.

    let the guy get in office, get up to speed

    then criticize.

    geez another repub sore lozzer.
  3. america is the one that will be SORE......more of the same, more americans CONNED by the failed two party left/right paradigm of codependent NON -THINKERS.

    Ron Paul was the ONLY right answer!
  4. AMT4SWA

    Listen you unhappy piece of garbage... why dont you buy a gun or use the one you have... and stick it down your throat and pull the trigger so that you don't have to deal with all this awful crap that you keep polluting Elite Trader message boards with over and over and over again! You started ike 7-8 different threads whining and complaining like some woman with PMS! You sound like a f-king pussy!

    So tell us all... what the fuck is your point?

    Do you even know what you are unhappy about! You sound like a total troll loser with NO life..... pussy!!

    Tell us alll... what is it that you are so fking unhappy about ?

    >>>Better yet............. is there ANYTHING that you are HAPPY about! If not then leave the fcking country if you can't make a contribution beyond whining and bitching like a pussy!
  5. What???? I LOVE the information age.....so much easier to educate you!!! :eek:

    :D :p :D
  6. Yes, be he does have that fancy "President elect" sign. He must be so proud.
  7. Man are you jealous?