Obamanomics turning into disaster?

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  1. Recent economic releases have served to vindicate Milton Friedman and to cast doubt on Menard Kaynes. The administrations' attempt to catch a falling knife has hurt the nation badly. My advice: MAKE THE CURRENT TAX CODE PERMANENT! The looming tax increase from the sunsetting of the Bush tax policies will constitute another blow to the teetering
    economy. In the meantime other nations, China, Germany, Hungary, are embracing tax cuts to stimulate growth. The USA has a hard lesson to learn with respect to freemkt versas statism.
  2. News flash . . .

    The Bush tax cuts don't sunset until January 1st, 2011. That's 18 months away. An eternity.
  3. These fools in Washington feel more borrowing and spending is necessary.
  4. you forgetting one thing ...

    GREEN JOBS!!!!!

    you might be skeptical about replacing the life blood of the economy, energy, with much more expensive version of the same, but you'd be wrong
  5. Obama's green jobs = picking up and sorting garbage, removing tagging in Barrios, and walking on treadmills hooked to generators . . . :D
  6. Obama's team told us that if we pass the Stimulus Bill unemployment would peak at 8%.
  7. Why walk on treadmills when we can have personal methane reclaimation? Now personal methane reclaimation is as green as you get.
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  9. Vice President Biden said Sunday that "everyone guessed wrong" on the impact of the economic stimulus.

    First of all....why are they guessing
    Second..How are we to believe them on healthcare numbers.
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    See, they had their charts upside down. They meant the unemployment rate would be a minimum of 8% once things got rolling.
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