Obamacare to save Hawaii which went thru earthquake??

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  1. Obama: “The Louisiana Purchase would cover an earthquake in Hawaii”?

    This moment, from Bret Baier’s interview on Fox News with Obama, might just be one of the biggest “WTF?!” moments from Obama’s presidency yet. Obama is either completely making things up, living in an alternate reality, or really, really confused.

    Actually, my guess is that’s it’s probably a combination of all three.

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    Apparently, there was a devastating earthquake in Hawaii that we all somehow missed.

    Oh, wait, no. That’s right. There was no earthquake, and Obama is just totally clueless, as usual. In fact, the last earthquake in Hawaii to cause any deaths at all was in 1975, and two people died.

    In any case, why is he using this argument, anyways? He’s turned this health care bill into a one-size-fits-all solution for everything. Not only will it fix our health care, but it will apparently create jobs and give disaster relief around the country!

    Maybe I’m the only person who doesn’t get it, but I just don’t see how disaster relief has anything to do with health care. This is just more evidence that Obama is just talking out of his you-know-where now. He’s become this desperate. And you know, I say good. That means we’re getting to him, and now’s the time to push even harder.

    And, Obama? Just a tip. Someone that you supposedly look up to once gave some pretty good advice, someone named Abraham Lincoln. Read this quote. Memorize it. Repeat it to yourself before you ever choose to open your mouth ever again.

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    Subsidies are the link between healthcare and natural disasters. You'd have to listen, with an open mind, to the discussion. But instead you are only looking for errors. Errors which you yourself, if you were in charge of anything, if anyone wanted to hear what you think, you would make in public as well.
  3. saw the interview, he kept interrupting Obama, Obama was pissed HAHA:D
  4. I understand that perfectly. It's just that the liberal media doesn't and refuses. But it's not a shock.

    Bush gaffe= Bush an idiot.

    Obama gaffe= Obama smartest president evah, just made a mistake.

    Palin gaffe= Palin an idiot.

    Obama gaffe= Obama didn't meant what he said, he meant this...he just made a mistake...he's so smart...

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    Fair enough. I wasn't around here for the Bush bashing.

    CYA edit: in 2006.
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    And lets not forget those Biden gaffes.

    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
    Biden gaffe = Biden is an idiot.
  7. These morons could have googled before writing this embarrasment of an article.

  8. You know it wasn't a gaffe now, better luck next time.
  9. Where is the 2006 reference?
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