Obamacare to be Overturned?

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  1. Hey, if that ends up being the case, that's why we have bankruptcy laws, which enable people to reach mutually-agreed upon solutions to financial impasses. In a worst-case scenario, I would pay what the judge ordered me to and then bear the consequences as the bankruptcy worked itself off.

    I'd rather that people go bankrupt individually than that the entire society go bankrupt from politicians buying votes by making promises the taxpayers can't keep.

    But, the bigger question for me is, who the fuck are you to question my integrity? Go fuck yourself.

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  2. piezoe


    I don't know what that word "liberal" applied to ones politics means any more. So I hope in your mind it's a good thing.

    Certainly if the old definition were still valid I would be very proud to call myself a liberal. Whenever the the traditional meaning is intended, it's the opposite of zealot.

    With regard to the subject at hand, I have a strong conviction that access to a reasonable standard of health care at a reasonable price, for everyone, should be one of the hallmarks of a civilized, modern nation, and that if the private sector proves incapable or unwilling to provide this then government would be justified in taking rather extraordinary measures, if necessary, and it shouldn't be, to achieve this.

    This is a rare case, where in my mind, the ends might justify the means, even though in general I would not approve. I think I have made it sufficiently clear that my preference is always, and unalterably, for a private sector solution as apposed to one mandated by the government.

    I am a pacifist, and if fired upon I would first look for safe shelter, but if none is available and there is no escape save death, I would return fire.
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  3. Btw, my bad for the previous "Obamacare overturned" title. Didn't mean to imply it was already overturned! :wtf:
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  4. Pretty sure everybody knew that. If it were overturned, would be #1 story on the airwaves... even the Libtart MSM (along with tears and whining, of course.)
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  5. plyka


    I love how proponents of socialism get their wish, get massive involvement from the government in health care, and when that massive involvement from government causes the best health care in the entire world to go to shit, they say this:

    " We wouldn't be in this spot if our capitalist way of providing medical care hadn't utterly failed"

    The capitalist way of doing things ended in the 1960's with medicare and all the regulations. In fact, out of every single sector in the economy, i can only thing of 2 which have more government involvement than the health care industry:

    1) Banking
    2) education
    3) health care

    Of course the least regulated sectors, the ones with least government intervention are:

    1) Internet
    2) technology (tv's, computers, etc)

    I wonder which sectors are doing better?
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  6. "But, the bigger question for me is, who the fuck are you to question my integrity?"

    you have no problem screwing someone else out of money and you call it integrity?
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  7. zdreg


    you honor me with the strong emotion of your prose even though you have shown your integrity to be a sham.
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  8. plyka


    You're more insane than i thought. Wishing death on someone you don't know is a sign of serious mental illness.
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  9. zdreg


    in this case, i must stand up for the liberal piezoe. his post is hyperbole and the lack of good weed to mellow himself out.

    more important what is the definition of don't know. if you find someone's views abhorrent and wish them a bad end is not a sign of mental illness per se.
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  10. Was NEVER that, primarily. Was all about POWER AND CONTROL... DOMINANCE IN PEOPLE'S LIFE BY GOVERNMENT! "Health care" is just the misdirect.. the ruse... the excuse.

    :mad: :mad:
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