Obamacare to be Overturned?

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  1. The supreme court is set to release their decision as early as today. Is this going to be a bullish direction? I think a strike down would encourage hiring.
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    The supreme court is a worthless old relic, they would not dare go up against the presidency. I doubt anything they do amounts to anything at all. Perhaps if they were going up against a homeless guy they may make a stance, but against the almighty president? Would the "supreme court" of North Korea dare say anything against Kim Jong Il's son (forgot his name)?
  3. How could they allow it? They would really need to show disregard for the constitution...wouldn't they?

    I think they will at least shoot down part of it...

  4. Bush and Odumbo... both "disregarders" of the Constitution...

  5. Obamacare is dead in the water. Funny thing, as universal healthcare was a tenet of the GOP for decades.
  6. I'll be quoting this and possibly PM ing it to you too in a few weeks.
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    "I think they will at least shoot down part of it...'"

    if the justices were to shoot down part of the bill wouldn't that be a chicken little approach to the issue?
    congress voted for a bill not several bills. if part of the bill is unconstitutional then the whole bill should be unconstitutional.
  8. Well...I hope they do the right thing and vote the entire thing down.

    Do not under estimate the Obama Machine...We are still gong to get him another 4 years...The Morman will not win.


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