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  1. A man live in a neighborhood where everyone makes more money than him. This man makes 25k per year. 3 doors down, there is a man that makes $250k per year. One day the man starts thinking about his 3 children. He worries that if they get sick the hospital bills will be so much that he cant pay. So this man looks to his rich neighbor. He says to himself "That man makes 10 times what I make, why should he have so much and I cant even get insurance for my children?" So the man goes to the rich mans house and sneaks in. He steals $1,000 out of the mans wallet and leaves. This man does this once per month, every month and uses the money he steals to buy insurance for his children.

    Now a question to all democrats that are for Obamacare. Should this man go to jail for taking his neighbors money?

    What about if 60% of the neighbors agreed that it was ok to take the rich mans money? Would it be ok then?

    If you said that the man should go to jail, then you just said that Obama should go to jail and you are now against healthcare. The parable I gave you is exactly what is happening.
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    Before I answer your question, I have to ask a quick background question:

    If the rich man owned the healthcare insurance company (maybe that's why he's rich) and denied healthcare to the other guys' kids, but took out life insurance policies on those kids, could the neighborhood come over and kill the rich man and put his head on his gate?
  3. Why would he take out life insurance policies on the kids? He would have to pay himself if anything happened to them.

    But yes...the neighborhood could come over and kill the rich man and put his head on their gate.

    And then the police would come and arrest them all.
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  5. Far be it from me to be a grammer cop dick, but I think you have more of an analogous story of fiction rather than a parable, though one could probably argue there is some moral teaching to be learned.:p
    That said, I don't think your story gives a accurate description of what's happening. It goes more like this. A guy shows up at his rich neighbors house and introduces him to his Gumba uncle named Sam. Uncle Sam is there to "convince" the rich neighbor that he should "donate" some of his wealth to his fellow man, all for a "good cause" don't ya' know. The rich guy, after feigning some anger but being in the know say's fuck it, why not. I'll just pass off the cost to my other neighbor who is not so well versed on the subject. In other words, the rich ain't gonna' pay shit for this, the poor will get some free heathcare, and those of us that work for a living take another inch or two of government cock up our ass.
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  6. What would have Jesus done?
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    It look like Jesus told Sara Palin to say NO! social health care, they will kill you!, but is ok for her to make 12 million dollar and take the social health care for the grandson.

    go to page 8 first, then line 14 of the page 8

  8. He would've asked people to give to the poor. He wouldnt have taken peoples money forcefully. I also think that Jesus would not consider people that make 20k per year poor when 60% of the world lives on less than $1k per year.

    Also insurance is for someone that worries about what MIGHT happen in the future. Jesus said this in Matthew 6:34

    "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own"

    I think that pretty much sums it up that Jesus was against health insurance.
  9. You are making pretty good arguments for Single Payer Health Reform.
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    Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's.

    Jesus had no problem with taxation. ; )
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