Obamacare Now Estimated to Cost $2.6 Trillion in First Decade

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    This settles it. Nobody on the right believed Obamacare would *save* money. The current Budget Committee estimate now stands at 260 Billion, per year. This is financial suicide. America has enough republican retards who think 1 Trillion dollar defense budgets are "sustainable". Now, the left-wing losers saddled us with another quarter of a trillion a year, in health costs. That's about the equivalent of 2% of GDP in additional debt, the US will have to borrow, per year, to float this. That's in addition to the 1.5 Trillion a year, the US is borrowing right now. To wit, do any Government projects run under - or even AT - the initial estimate? Looks like you, the American public, got suckered in again by a low ball, bullshit figure that - as it stands right now (remember: it could get revised EVEN HIGHER in the future....!!) - is 300% MORE than the "paltry" 90 Billion a year, price tag. Enjoy it, you fucks.

    The Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee will later today release the following chart, detailing the rising projected cost of President Obama's signature legislation, Obamacare:

  2. Unless the figures come from the CBO, it means nothing in regards to the offical congressional decision making process.

    This release from the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee is meaningless. The Democrats can release one showing the exact opposite. I do find it amusing that the small print tries to claim a CBO tie in (which simply is not true).

    P.S. I am not even really an Obamacasre supporter. But sending out distorted information is not the way to get rid of it.
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    ^Please post the Democratic cost estimates that show "the complete opposite". Thank you.
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    No, no. You got it all wrong, pspr. "Free Healthcare" to 50-80 million Americans, won't cost the nation a dime....
  6. The Democrats have stuck with the official CBO projections. They do not have to generate propaganda charts to "show the complete opposite" (i.e. a 50% in costs from what the CBO says). This absurd attempt by the Republicans to magically make the costs double the CBO estimates does not aid their cause.

    CBO Information:
    2012-2022 Estimate = Net Cost $1,252B

    Link: CBO Releases Updated Estimates for the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act
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    We're probably adding a few hundred thousand new drivers every year, is the auto insurance sector crumbling under the cost? Are auto insurance premiums for current drivers ballooning because of those additions?
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    That's bullshit. Look at the CBO's own cost projections here:

    http://cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/03-13-Coverage Estimates.pdf

    Table 2. On page 11.

    Provisions in Obamacare don't start until 2014. And most don't start until 2016. Look at the average estimated cost from 2016, onward = ~150-160 Billion, per year. IWO, 1.6 Trillion, over 10 years.

    Now that's the CBO projections, which 9 times out of 10, are complete horseshit. They always overstate growth and tax revenue, and understate costs.
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    Not sure what you're driving at here, Ricter. Dumb it down for me
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    Don't mind Ricter. He's suffering from a factual dissociative disorder.
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