ObamaCare May Get Repealed Yet

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    Last week, Senate Democrats voted overwhelmingly to repeal a piece of ObamaCare they'd approved three years before. They may soon decide the rest of the law has to go as well.

    In a speech to Congress in September 2009, President Obama vowed that "I am not the first president to take up this cause," referring to health care reform, "but I am determined to be the last."

    And, indeed, as the Supreme Court ruled in its favor and Obama got re-elected, it seemed as though ObamaCare would never go away.

    But if the rollout of the law is as bad as signs increasingly suggest it will be, even Democrats may start lining up to join the repeal effort.

    Despite endless promises from liberals that Obama-Care would grow more popular once it was enacted, the public has instead grown more concerned.

    The latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll, released Wednesday, found just 37% have a favorable view of the law today, down from 43% a few months ago. Even Democrats are less supportive, with only 58% expressing a favorable view of ObamaCare.

    No wonder, since every day brings more bad news. In just the past week:

    • The Senate voted overwhelmingly to repeal the ObamaCare tax on medical devices because of the ill effects even Democrats admit it will have.

    • The National Federation of Independent Business warned ObamaCare's "health insurance tax" — which will force insurance companies to cough up $100 billion over the next decade — will kill up to a quarter-million jobs after insurers hike premiums to pay for it.

    • The Wall Street Journal reported insurance companies are telling brokers about huge premium hikes due to ObamaCare's benefit mandates and regulations.

    • A survey by Deloitte found 62% of doctors report that their colleagues will retire earlier than planned as their pessimism about the future of health care grows.

    Even the mainstream press, which three years ago was actively cheerleading for ObamaCare, has suddenly woken up to the harm it's causing.

    The Washington Post, for example, carried a long story about how small businesses face "tremendous confusion and fear" about the law's impact.

    And the New York Times reported on a family-owned bakery near San Diego that estimates ObamaCare's insurance mandate will consume 85% of its profits, forcing the company to consider cutting jobs to avoid that massive hit.

    ObamaCare backers like to console themselves that the public's negative opinion about the law is based on ignorance. They just don't know about its many great features!

    The reality is ObamaCare will probably never be more popular than it is today, since its harmful side effects are still just theoretical. But if ObamaCare does produce skyrocketing premiums, insurance exchange fiascoes, lost workplace health coverage and lost jobs, the little public support it gets now will collapse.

    Should that happen, Democrats may find themselves scrambling to toss ObamaCare overboard, before voters do the same to them.

  2. It's unpopular with people who run businesses or pay for their own insurance.

    It's very popular with the leeches who elected obama. Jus think, all those illegals and their large families can now have their very own health insurance, paid for by rich republican voters.
  3. LEAPup


    Yes, rich Republicans who have worked for their $$$$ only to have the Communist Bama take it away.:mad:
  4. pspr


    I guess we will see how much pain the public and the law makers can take before serious talk of repeal takes hold.

    But, repeal would just demolish any legacy for Obama. He would become the running butt of presidential jokes for decades if not centuries! :D
  5. jem


    I was just watching kids baseball game with a doctor.
    Whom you would have suspected was a liberal.

    Just ripping Obamacare.
    Its seems doctors are having conferences and sending out info to each other.

    This thing is already a disaster.

    There is a huge backlash in the doctor community wondering how that hell the legislature could pass this crap.
  6. wjk


    I got letters from two specialists last year who I've gone to over several years stating they are retiring. I have a direct family member who retired recently from his practice at a very young age...partly because of O care, partly because of constant threat of litigation (did O care deal with tort reform?).

    Most recent specialist I went to isn't retiring yet, but when I went to him a few weeks back he sent in an assistant (practitioner) to see me. I've known him for 15 years. Times are changing. Saw a thing about docs considering seeing up to a dozen patients at a time for similar ailments to aleviate coming doc shortages.

    The dire predictions from the right were correct. The promises from the left were lies. Get that AK and the others? LIES!

    Nancy Pelosi: "It's our gift to the American people".

    Right. Thanks Nancy. I wonder if she'll be in a group visit one day. Probably not.
  7. Lucrum


    I know two doctors socially, they're not happy Obamacare either.

    As an aside but on a somewhat related note. Last year when I was getting my FAA medical. The doctor told me that the year before 3,000 medical examiners nationwide had stopped giving FAA physicals for pilots. They were simply fed up with the FAA/feds and their bureaucracy.

    A hint of what's to come no doubt.
  8. pspr


    ObamaCare - 7 ft. tall stack of regulations already. Just wait until next year! We'll all need lawyers just to figure out our health insurance.

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VLL3b-3Qalk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  9. Keep dreaming pspr.If it becomes too big of a problem the solution will be more government(public option/single payer) not repeal which was the plan all along
  10. Lucrum


    Talk about dreaming. More government IS the problem grandpa.
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