ObamaCare is bad for Business and Americans

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  1. Intent of ObamaCare is noble one, but in reality it'll make people more dependable on government, and don't be responsible for their behavior & action.

    Does Obamacare really cares for the average Americans. Actually, no, it'll add more financial burden on average Americans (as you know, ObamaCare is a form of tax). it doesn't offer the real solution to address the rising cost of healthcare. yet if you average Joe can't find the money to pay for the healthcare tax, then you will be fined or even imprisoned! so ObamaCare only cares to pick pocket you poor average tax payers.

    ObamaCare is bad for business growth, especial for small businesses. As you know, ObamaCare mandates if small business employs more 50 people will have to buy insurance for his/her employees. Small business owner can go around the law by not hiring more than 50 workers like in the cases below posted on Huffingtonpost.

    "Those who employ 60 are going to lay off 11. Those who employ 49 will hire nobody," said Dan Galbraith, owner of Solutionist, a visual communication, sales and marketing firm in Greensburg, Pa. "One owner who has 70-plus employees has told me he will close his business and start another business without employees. He just doesn't have health care built into his business model."

    as long as Obama is in the White House, there'd be more grid lock in Washington, nothing can be solved. Consequentially, as you saw last year, US lost its triple AAA credit grading was partly due to Obama's inability to take the leadership role in the "crisis".

    as a result, it also means US will have to pay for higher borrowing cost. again, Obama's policies are bad for business!
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  3. Good! Judge Roberts' opinion is one man opinion, it doesn't necessarily reflect the voices of majority of Americans. There' should be a referendum on this!
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    If marxists want to bring the US of A down a few notches because they resent capitalism then everything Obama does is working just fine. I guess it takes a generation for shitty ideas to die off so marxism might be with us for a little while.

    I do believe that socialists want healthcare controlled by the government partly because they can use it to block dissent: dissent == better not come into our dispensary because anything could happen.
  5. probably, the poor souls don't see the irony in Obama. On one hand, Obama markets the idea that he is the defender of the middle class, yet on the other hand, Obama wants to tax them to death! should a man be judged or trusted by his actions or his words?
  6. i don't recall seeing anything about prison and i don't get how he is picking the pocket of the average guy. isn't it in the same spirit of medicare and social security? its even odder that the very same guy who invented it is running against him and against it. he also was for abortion and now isn't.

  7. ok , you got me, can a guy stretch reality a bit once in a while?

    if IRS could tax you on what you just picked out of your nose, they would!!!

    as you can see, that "spirit" is broken!!!!! I think the chance is good Obamacare would face the same consequence like medicare and social security (they're also taxes, btw), the possible solution is raising the Oabamacare tax eventually! because ObamaCare doesn't offer the solution to bring the cost.

    I think it all comes down to personal responsibility and one's behavior. IF one is born under the unlucky star, then it'd be God call
  8. who tells you guys this stuff? doesnt it embarrass you to demonstrate such ignorance on a subject?
  9. Not really. It's perceived intention is about health care. It's REAL intention is about Socialistic Power assertion by overbearing Federal government.

  10. The US has the highest medical costs and the worst rated service of any of the OECD member nations. Clearly, we need to fix this problem.

    A nation like ours should not have this kind of major discrepancy in the cost of service vrs the quality of services performed.
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