Obamacare in deep deep trouble

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    Correct, its not a ruling, just the justices signaling intent which usually aligns fairly well with the outcome. The actual ruling will be long opinions written by each justice citing case law and precedent.

    But the signal is clear. This law is dead and businesses might be able to hire without the uncertainty about what coverage they will have to provide.

    The libs in here will likely remain silent. I say this is a taste of what November will be like for them. Shocked silence followed by denial followed by anger and finally...acceptance. :)
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  2. Now it's the republican congress turn to try to improve health care / insurance. I hope they take the challenge.
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    What republican congress do you speak of?

    I see a democratic senate that blocks all legislation and will not even submit a federal budget.

    The House may pass sometime but Harry Reid will not likely even allow debate or authorize a vote.
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  4. Maybe not, this might clear the air so to speak. Both sides dont have to be so entrenched in partisian politics.
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    lol :D

    How you liking it now?

    So much for "Historic Achievment" and "Landmark Legislation".

    Obama has failed in every regard.
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    Max E.


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  7. Just talked to the lady in billing at the hospital where I was a patient.
    Before I went in I found out my insurance wasn't going to cover the bill so I called to get prices. The phone quote was for $2800 the bill was $7256. They said they made a mistake and billed me the insurance price and they would take $3600. What a bunch of crooks, if I ran my business like that I would be sued and out of business and bankrupt.
    It isn't a free market, it's the republicans and democrats job to fix this shit.

    Almost forgot I talked to my insurance agent before scheduled this and he told me they would pay 100% because it was preventative care. Another lie.
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  8. I remember when the republican congress headed by Newt last tried to improve health care..they tried to pass Obamacare

    I remember when Mitt tried to improve healthcare...He passed Obamacare
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  9. Again,Cant wait to bump this thread when the USSC upholds it :)
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    Max E.

    I remember when Obama tried to pass Obamacare...... it got struck down by the supreme court.... :D

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