Obama’s momentum stalls as gas prices spike

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  1. Obama’s momentum stalls as gas prices spike
    Public disapproval of President Obama’s handling of the economy is again on the rise, alongside increasing gas prices.
    One political consequence: The president’s momentum has stalled, with Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum running about
    evenly against him in hypothetical general-election matchups.


  2. pspr


    Now that he has put his foot in his mouth and his head up his ass, Obama asks the Israelis to wait until after the Nov. election.

    Obama's thinking is one dimensional and he doesn't think about long term consequences or possibilities. I think the most complicated thoughts on his mind are about where he is going to take his next vacation.
  3. Lucrum


    How politically expedient of him.

  4. If higher gas prices will help Obama lose in November, I'm fine with $10/gallon.
  5. jem


    what is the name for a knowing out loud chuckle to oneself, when you find yourself agreeing with the logic even though you do not like it.
  6. 377OHMS


    These polls are getting interesting but so far this result (ABC) and the poll I cited a couple of days ago have the Romney lead at about the same size as the uncertainy (possible error or margin of error) of the polling result.

    I'm becoming hopeful but won't start getting too excited until the Romney lead over Obama starts to be several times the size of the margin of error. If or when we see a 9 point Romney lead over Obama in various polls it will be time to start to really become optimistic since many of these polls have a 3 point margin of error.

    I like Newt and dislike Santorum but its time for these two to end their campaigns and get behind the republican candidate. There are several valid analyses showing that neither of these two can possibly garner enough delegates to secure the nomination.

    Obama's energy policies are really coming back to bite him on the ass. It may be visionary to think about energy in the long term and try to move towards green solutions but President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu have completely bungled their investments of taxpayer money on unviable businesses and unsound technologies and then compounded their folly by stating flatly that they are not working to reduce gasoline prices.

    Blaming gasoline prices on "speculators" is ludicrous. Claiming that domestic oil production is at an 8 year high is stupid and dishonest because todays production levels are a result of policies codefied by George W. Bush. The Obama regime used the Gulf oil spill to deny drilling permits across the country both onshore and offshore.

    Electric cars? Too much domestic electricity is produced by coal so what is the point? Also the electricity grid isn't sufficiently robust to support large numbers of electric vehicles plugged in to recharge.

    Algae? LOL! You've got to wonder if Obama slept through his physics courses if he had any at all.

    Solar? Most household power consumption is at night, duh. You cannot store electric power on the scale necessary. Its a real-time supply/demand type of commodity.

    Wind? Wind power generation is creating an environmental disaster. Anyone driving from LA to Palm Springs via the Banning Pass can tell you what is occuring. Its going to cost more to take down defunct wind-generators than the entire power they generate over their life. Places like Tehachapi, California are being literally defaced and future generatons will take a dim view of what we've done when they have to clean it up.

    As an engineer I find myself wondering why the government doesn't start a large initiative to develop nuclear fusion. Fusion reactors could produce enormous amounts of power without producing waste products that must be stored in perpetuity. Fuse two inert elements into a third inert element or just fuse hydrogen into helium. Fusion doesn't "run away" like a fission reaction can so one must only tackle the problems of containment of the thermal aspect of the process. An initiative to develop fusion power generation might inspire people like the space program did when we were trying to get to the moon. Why not attempt something big instead of mucking about with algae?
  7. jem


    the media has been trying to make this a horserace for months.
    The reality is that obama has lost 10-20% of his potential voters...
    he has no chance.

    All of this horserace stuff is b.s.

    Who the hell would vote for a guy who spent a 3/4 of trillion on a failed stimulus and who knows how much on health care for insurance companies.

    All Romney has to do is say...
    An economic future or 4 more years of economic destruction.

    Obama's last chance is a flat tax. Otherwise he will be crushed.
  8. Brass


    "No chance," you say? Care to make a wager? I say Obama wins, you say he loses. If you agree to the wager and I'm wrong, I will leave ET forever. If you agree to the wager and you're wrong, then you leave ET forever. Do you agree? I have offered other Rightsters in P&R the same wager. Not one of them had the courage of their own "conviction." My offer only applies to people whom I have challenged, of whom you are now one.
  9. jem


    Your realize this is a terrible bet... considering Obama has control of the press and the military... but... I take your bet... with respect to P&R and chit chat.

    Please set out the exact terms you are willing to offer and respect.
    Including use of aliases. For instances rather than wins or losses... I would make the condition... assumes office etc. (this bypasses a Gore Bush scenario.)
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