Obama’s Approval Rating Slips in CNN Poll as Economy Takes Toll

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  1. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aVvzMquSF8OY&refer=home

    Obama’s Approval Rating Slips in CNN Poll as Economy Takes Toll
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    By Kristin Jensen

    March 16 (Bloomberg) --
    President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are slipping as Americans fret about the economy, a CNN poll found.

    Obama’s approval rating declined to 64 percent in a March 12-15 survey conducted for CNN by Opinion Research Corp. That’s down from 76 percent in a Feb. 7-8 poll. The new president’s disapproval rating climbed to 34 percent from 23 percent.

    While 59 percent of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, they give him higher marks for the way he has dealt with Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorism, education and energy policy. The smallest percentage -- 57 percent -- approve of the way Obama is handling health-care policy.

    Almost two-thirds of Americans say they believe it’s more likely than not that Obama’s policies will succeed; 86 percent said they “hope” the Democrat’s plans will work. If there’s no improvement in the economy during the next 12 months, 54 percent said they will blame former President George W. Bush and his Republican Party; 32 percent would blame Obama and the Democrats.

    The telephone survey of 1,019 adults has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

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  2. I feel bad for Obama. Being president now is a thankless job, prestige be damned. Having US presidency after 2000 would have been good.
  3. After July his numbers will plunge.
  4. What you SHOULD feel is "bad for yourself"... for being so naive/gullible/stupid as to have been SUCKED IN. JMO, of course.

    NObama's a narcissist. Suspect he doesn't give a CRAP about anything or anybody... except his chance to be The Big Cheese and spread his dictum across the land... that is if the sheeple are gullible enough to swallow it (and apparently enough of us are...) :mad:
  5. Dream on. I never said Obama will be a miracle worker. You can pull my posts from the time the presidential race began. I always stated that McCain was a nutcase and I did not want another warmonger.
  6. That's more than reasonable.

    BTW... ever notice how once a thread rags [and deservedly so] on NObama, it quickly gets shuffled off of the main line-of-sight and onto the back pages of "politics and religion"... ?
  7. That's because no one cares.
    Your NObama rants have gotten pretty boring.
    Why is that so difficult to understand, Ron?

    But hey, don't let that keep you from posting 21 times today on ET. Does Baron pay you by the post?