Obama, you and the truth

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gastropod, May 18, 2012.

  1. OK, I have a question for ya'll....

    How many of you know somebody, who 20 years ago, was working at a very low level in a company...and now co-owns their own impressive company?

    The lady who claims "she was just an assistant" - who put the Kenya info into the BIO for Obama...now is co-owner of a PR firm...that just happens to represent...you guessed it...lil' Barry Soetoro! How convenient...from assistant to owner with an impressive client list...and the lame brains amongst us wonder why we don't trust little Barry S.?!?!

    An "assistant"...20 years later - you represent the head of the most powerful nation on earth...hmmmmm
  2. Lucrum


    Barry Soetor huh?

    That would mean his initials are BS instead of BO.
    From body odor to bull shit, is that really an improvement?