Obama Worse Than Carter

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  2. Historians say Carter was better then Bush
  3. Honestly you might be right fiscally.

    medicare drug program and bailouts
  4. More then just fiscally.Carter didn't allow an attack on American soil that killed 3800 + Americans nor did he start trillion dollar wars with countries that did not attack nor was a threat to the US
  5. While the public is divided over Obama’s job performance, many Americans continue to express positive personal opinions of him. Majorities see Obama as inspiring (61%) and decisive (57%), and relatively few regard him as arrogant (35%) or detached (35%). Many also say that Obama makes them feel hopeful (54%) and proud (49%). Just 30% say that Obama makes them angry, while somewhat more (44%) say he makes them feel disappointed.

    Obama’s personal ratings are less positive than they were just after his election in November 2008. The changes in opinion of him have occurred across the political spectrum. But far fewer conservative Republicans say Obama is inspiring (61% to 25%) and far more say he makes them angry (18% to 62%). There also have been substantial changes in the views of independents: In November 2008, 68% said Obama made them feel hopeful; 48% say that today. Democrats are somewhat less positive about Obama than they were just after the election, but relatively small percentages see him as arrogant, detached or disappointing.

    The survey finds that since the start of the year, most of the slippage in Obama’s job approval rating has come among Democrats – particularly Democrats with lower incomes. Currently, 74% of Democrats approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president, down from 84% in January. Obama’s approval rating is down 17 points over this period among Democrats with family incomes of less than $50,000 (from 83% to 66%), but is largely unchanged among those with incomes of $50,000 or more (89% to 84%).


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    Sounds like they finally figured out Obama is not going to pay their mortgage and dole out free ice cream like they thought.
  7. uh -oh somebody doesn't know their history too well.
    jimmie started the precedent of weakness.

  8. So 53 hostages in Iran and an attack on American soil that took the lives of 3800 + Americans is equal to you ? LOL

    Maybe Bush would have just invaded Iran if he was in Carters shoes since he likes to invade foreign countries
  9. Well as far as impact on the nation, yes since it was the lead story for over 400 days every evening on the news and it's mishandling directly caused a change in Presidents.

    Evidently you must think militant islam violence is a relatively recent event.
  10. Nemerous presidents have had to deal with Americans being taken hostage
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