Obama Working To Avoid Timing Clash With NFL

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Obama didn't seem this concerned about his timing when it clashed with the Republican debate. In fact, the only reason he changed it was because the resolution to hold his little talk was going to be stalled in the Senate.

    So, now he's talking with the NFL to see how to avoid a conflict. Maybe if he just cancelled his speech everyone would be happy. We already know he doesn't have anything new to say and his policies don't work and shouldn't be implemented anyway.

    Just stay home, Obama. Why not print a copy on your website and save us all the pain of hearing about your speech on the news?

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    Max E.

  3. No kidding. I give Boehner a lot of credit for having the stones to tell Obama to piss off, but why would the republicans let themselves be used as stage props in the first place? Even the State of the Union address, formerly a respectful address under presidents who respected our country, was tainted with crude partisanship and even unethical attacks on the Supreme Court by obama.
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    Words of wisdom.
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    It's apparent you didn't read the letter.
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    Does anybody really think this speech is going to matter to anyones life? This speech will be like any other speech Obama gives.

    50% will be complete and total fluff. Just stuff that sounds good until you scatch the surface and realize it means absolutely nothing. One of his big fluff pieces will be how he has had a laser focus on jobs.

    20% will be running down a list a problems the country is facing and then blaming someone or something else on the problems. He will blame Bush, Republicans, ATM machines, the earthquake, the hurricane, his wifes period, etc, etc. He will of course not accept the slightest amount of responsiblity.

    20% will be playing the class warfare card. He will put out a bunch of dribble about corporate jets and blah, blah, blah.

    10% will be Obama outlining moderate sounding plans that Obama has absolutely no intention of ever implementing.

    That will be Obama's speech so why bother watching?
  7. Pray for Obama. Psalm 109:8
  8. Yeah... making it difficult and unappealing for businesses to hire.
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    Max E.

    The letter in and of itself was basically telling Obama to piss off. Think about it, the Speaker of the house just made the president move his speech date so that the people who are challenging him could have a good debate over what a shithead he is.

    Its not like Boehner was going to send a letter that literally said F*** you.
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    Why not? I would have. :D
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