[Obama] worked like hell to be president . . . Behave like a president.

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  1. WASHINGTON -- Wall Street honcho Ken Langone took President Obama to the woodshed yesterday for acting "unpresidential" and "petulant" by pitting rich and poor Americans against one another during the bruising battle over the debt limit.

    "He's not bringing us together. He's willfully dividing us. He's petulant," said Langone, a former director of the New York Stock Exchange and founder of Home Depot.

    "Ronald Reagan would never go into the Oval Office without his jacket on -- that's how much he revered the presidency,"

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    He doen't know how! Once a community organizer always a community organizer. Label him Senator or President as you wish but in reality he is just a community organizer trying to punish one group to reward another.
  3. I can't see how he "worked like hell"... seems to me the presidency was just handed to him as much as could be.... just like everything else in his life.
  4. Completely agree. If anything, the spin on his lack of experience was heralded as his "cult of personality". Heck, just four years prior to that, it was seen as a semi-WTF moment when he won in the US senate race. So, there is no possible way that anybody could say that he "worked hard" to be President.

    Richard Nixon "worked hard" to be President.