Obama won in 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties

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    I have to admit that I find this totally confounding: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/obama-wins-8-10-wealthiest-154837437.html

    It's absolutely clear that Obama is engaging in class warfare with his "pay their fair share" and "you didn't build that". The only explanation I can come up with is that they voted against the other guy, not for the guy they marked on the ballot.
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    Didn't you catch the bit where David Koch admitted he should probably be paying more in taxes? He's not alone among the very rich, either.
  3. maybe they are smarter than you think and are not easily manipulated by the right wing demogoges. only a retard cant understand and agree with the context of "you didn't build that".
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    My lack of understanding of demographics means only one thing - I spend too much time on ET listening to all of you Angry White Men ranting all day. You have distorted my view of reality. :D
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    There's no difference between you and the right wingers you despise. You're simply opposite sides of the same coin.
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    I do remember seeing that, I was stunned.
  7. its guilt or empathy. they vote for obama because they do not believe in free will. they ask themeselves how they got to where they are, and realize they really aren't any smarter or special than anyone else.

  8. will they get free phones too?
  9. since there is a sane side and a crazy side i want to be on the opposite side of the crazy ones.
  10. Have you leftists noticed that the Democrats are really interested in slamming the middle class & poor, not the rich?

    How did they pass the elimination of the estate tax last year?

    In Illinois, they increased business & personal income taxes by 67%, property taxes, sales taxes, toll road fees, tobacco & liquor taxes, etc. They want to tax trades. Are you leftists taking notes?
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