Obama wins Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Politics' started by steve46, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. and the headline reads "Another win for Obama"

    With more than 40% of precincts reporting

    Obama 56%

    Clinton 43%

    Obama wins his 9th primary in a row...

    I realize I said I would boycott the site but frankly this is more important.....

    Based on this, and if the margin (16%) holds up, there is no way that Hillary can win enough support to go on....

    Her only shot now, is to go after so called "super delegates" hoping to win a "back room" election, where she steals it based on former President Clintons "connections". Also she will try to have delegates seated in Michigan and Florida where her competitors pledged not to run (Hillary was the only candidate to campaign in those states).

    Will "the people" let Ms. Clinton get away with that..after all, the majority of the popular vote has been for Obama, only time will tell.

    Just reporting what I see.