Obama wins. What now for the liberal media?

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  1. Who are we supposed to trash now? No true liberal writes feel good stories. We need to wallow in our own miserable lives, we need someone to bash damn it!

    Oooh, I know. Lets keep trashing Palin, who cares if she's completely irrelevent!


  2. Bias is there form of art.

    They will have no trouble defending Obama for the first couple months but after that they will either poison themselves or turn into some way way left conspiracy machine claiming that everyone who questions Obama is either racist or out to kill him.

    Basically insulting Obama to a far left liberal is like insulting their own wife.


    Sounds like this forum actually.

    Also sounds like they would give Obama a complete dictatorship if they were in control.

    The far left without moderates would be on a one way train to self destruction.

    Just look at history. It doesn't matter if you believe in liberal or conservative policies. If a majority puts complete trust in a leader with no skeptical questioning than absolute failure and tyranny will follow.
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    Thoughtful words, Neo Rio,cool;
    cool,not global warming.Changed the name[global warming] to climate change, to protect those guilty, guilty of global warming fraud.

    Not all the media is liberal,plenty of Judeo-Christian Networks;
    CBN,TBN, SKY Angel,Inspiration network.
    FOX is fair,FOX is fun/accurate..
    mediaresearch.org is fair/accurate & fun.

    Even that lady on CNN,''Cut the bull, cut the bias''program ;
    asked him ''Which other things did not you mean?''Concerning his campaign remarkes about Hillory Clinton's lack of foreign policy exsperience.[After he hired her for sec of state.]

    Now it seem the media is ''torn between two lovers'' They love Mr B Hussein, but loved to hate ''rival/LOL'' Hillary Clinton like a despised Republican .They hated Hillary[an 18 million vote rival] like they hate Gov Sarah.....:D :p
  4. We can still trash hillary even though I think she would have made a much better candidate than Obama.
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    Re; Chicago news reporter in the news again.

    We can exspose the unfruitful news media.
    One of mediaresearch.org
    awards for the worst reporting, in 2007-

    When Dr. Jerry Falwell Sr died, Chicago news reporter Cathleen Falsani wrote;My first thought on his passing was not good, he has gone to be with the LORD. But good ,as ding dong, the witch is dead'' May 18, 2007 Chicago Sun Times
  6. Yes, Hildabeast would of made a much better candidate for trashing than Obama.
  7. I guess you guys are stuck with Rush and Coulter for their unbias accounts. What a joke it is to claim liberal media when talk radio is as radical right as can be. Remember Rush's "day 110 of America held hostage" during the Clinton years? The coming up 8 years of that will surely get old, don't you think? No, probably no thinking involved.

    Bashins is simply bashing, from either side. Will Americans from either extreme ever get back together for the actual good of our Country? Not with million dollar salaries going to media types feeding pablum to their cults.

  8. Your post definitely shows your lack of thinking involved.

    If you had any idea as to the proportions of media bias than you would not be saying this.
  9. Yeah, it's too bad that you think the 80+% of real Americans who support our President and our Country, are incapable of thinking. But, please keep the humor coming.

  10. You either have ADD or have a deep insecurity about debating the proportions of media bias after bitching about conservative media bias.

    Congrats on being fucked up.

    Inside Cgroupman's brain-"Damn i hate conservatives. I am going to bitch about conservative people and the conservative media."

    NeoRio- "Hey you know there is a higher proportion of liberal media than conservative."

    Cgroupman-"Shit, i need to change the subject to everyone approving Obama because that will make me look like I am genius!"

    Neorio-"Thanks for changing the subject idiot."

    Cgroupman-"BLAH BLAH BLAH i can't hear you blah blah blah."

    You cling to Obama's presidency like a baby to a mother's arms.

    You must have never left the stage of unconditional motherly love.
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