Obama wins three more states

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  1. Hillary is getting her ass kicked folks

    People do not like her....

    They see through the devious, pretentious crap she spouts

    Its obvious to most that Hillary is after the POWER

    In contrast, Obama wants to do something for the regular folks
    not just those who "know the right people".

    Personally I am tired people like Hillary saying they are for change when in fact, they are really saying "I just want to run the show"...."I want to be the top dog for once"....I want to be able to walk over to a secret service agent and say "I want you to go find my husband. If he's with a woman, I want you to take him someplace quiet, and kick... his....pasty..... ass...."

    Healthcare my ass, You KNOW thats what Hillary really wants...
  2. yup.
  3. I see.

    Hillary=The Devil and Obama is the favorite son, Jesus Christ.

    So simple...

  4. Since my last post, Obama has won several more states.

    Hillary is betting on winning in Texas and Ohio..

    IF Hillary doesn't rack up big scores in those two states she is effectively finished....Oh she won't quit, because her handlers will tell her that she has a chance, but the fact is that "middle-class Americans", blue collar Americans, everyday folks, simply DO NOT LIKE HILLARY...THEY DON'T TRUST HER....

    Its not just my opinon, its also the opinion of people in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia to name but a few.

    Her poll numbers are slipping every day....She has fired her manager...and has been having problems bring money in the door, so much so that she had to lend her campaign 5 million dollars, just to keep the payroll intact..

    Hillary is on the ropes....She doesn't know it...but she is "yesterday's news"....
  5. tortoise


    What amazes me is the transparent cynicism of Obama's fans.

    When you consider the fact that Obama would almost certainly not be in the Senate if he were not black, and would most certainly not be in the running for the presidency if he were not cafe au lait black, you realize that his is, arguably, the most racist candidacy since that of George Wallace.
  6. Obama is a Ivy league school grad and lawyer

    Got his start as a State Senator and then US Senator

    Unless I'm mistaken,many presidents have similar resumes
  7. tortoise


    You are mistaken. A glance at presidential resumes wil show that if Obama were to be elected, his would be the lightest presidential resume since the 19th century.

    The most direct comparison, perhaps, would be the last president from Illinois, Abe Lincoln -- state rep, U.S. rep, President. Needless to say, that was a very different time. And I'm not sure I'd want to compare Lincoln's words from the debates with Stephen Douglas to "Yes, We Can!"
  8. tortoise, your true light shines through. You obviously are a bitter/jealous neocon who cant face the fact that everyone in the US is sick and tired of the bs carried on by bush/cheney. you can smack talk Obama all you want. But you and your kinds' days are numbered.

    steve46 speaks the truth. Obama is the only candidate who speaks about America w/ pride the way we used to back in the days. People hunger for that. And they will crush the division brought on by the neocon pigs led by bush/cheney and their fear-mongering underlings.
  9. tortoise


    That's right, when the facts don't work for you, counter with an ad hominem attack on the critic. Who cares if it's accurate? (It's not, by the way.)

    Point is, if you all shout loud enough, long enough all reason will be vanquished. Ready? "YES, WE CAN! YES, WE CAN! YES, WE CAN! SIEG HEIL!"
  10. Let's see. I'm trying to think of lib talking points.

    1 You are one paycheck from the poorhouse.

    2 Global warming may cause the end of mankind as we know it.

    3 Republicans want old people to eat dogfood.

    4 You are one illness from bankruptcy.

    5 Last, but not least, and without a hint of irony, liberals like you just gush when saying that republicans are trying to rule by fear.
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