Obama wins re-election with 65% of the vote!!

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    Obamamania is Alive and Well in Canada

    If they could vote in this year’s American presidential election, two third of Canadians (65%) and half of Britons (51%) would cast a ballot for Obama. Support for Republican Party contender Mitt Romney in both countries is in single digits.

    In Canada, Quebecers (74%) and British Columbians (68%) are especially satisfied with Obama’s presidency. In Britain, the American head of state is more popular in the North of England (56%) and least popular in London (50%).


    If the election was held in Canada.:D
  2. True Americans are hoping 51% of voters are less greedy and less stupid than Libtards in Canada and Britain.
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    I will be volunteering time to the Democrats Abroad group here in Calgary later this summer.
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    To be fair, the Brits and Canuks don't know who Mitt Romney is. They are just going by name recognition. And, many of them would like to see America knocked down a little.

    I would be happy to send them Obama after he is voted out. Or even sooner! :D
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    To be fair, were Obama to start spewing SS nonsense, we'd have to take another look at Romney. Did you see my "I'm warming to Romney" thread?
  9. I'll check it out. Obamas economic policy has included SS with his tax cuts and extending the Bush tax cuts though :(
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    True, but part of his tax cuts was the payroll tax cut, right?
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