Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

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  1. Winning the Nobel price only means one thing:


    Not sure this will go down well in the States, expect more division between fascists and socialists
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    I dont have an opinion on whether he merits this award or not (i've never seen anything good in this guy) ..........

    however what do u mean by "SOFTIE". would u have prefered the idiots (bush/cheney) tearing down the whole world with some stupid super man ego......?

    sometimes a bit bit of reasoning and commonsense is needed in analyzing and commenting on issue like this.
  3. What has he (Obama) actually done?

    Hilarious. They just made all the prior awards worthless. Not because it's Obama they gave the award to, but because they gave the award to someone - anyone - who hasn't done anything substantial yet.
  4. NWO puppeteers behind this.

    "Hasn't done anything substantial yet..." Seems he's done a LOT to weaken America's place in the world.

    Let's see if Obama is thrown out on his can when jobs don't return, and taxes are raised on the people he promised would not be. (Oh sure, maybe there won't be an INCOME tax hike on the middle class, but the health care plan has disguised increases in costs + Pelosi's slip about a VAT.... and then there's the "cap and trade" where even Obama admits "electricity rates to skyrocket".)
  5. In the long run it may be Bush/Cheney who will be recognized for bringing peace to the middle east.
  6. Not in a THOUSAND years.
  7. WTF is going ON

    I am so disgusted:confused: :confused:
  8. He is now the favorite to win the Heismann Trophy.
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    It just goes to show you that the qualifications, and criteria to win this award has obviously gone down significantly over the years for this clown to win it.
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