Obama will veto Palestine

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  1. If Barack HUSEIN Obama does not obey the Jewish Lobby and veto the Palestine Terror vote at the UN, he will be finished politically.

    HUSEIN Obama clearly is an anti-semite but, if he values his future, he will support Israel.

    Obama must be got rid of, impeached and deported back to Africa. If Obama is found guilty of links to Islamic Terror, we should cage him in Guantanemo with his fellow Arabs and Africans.

    God bless Israel and all true Israel-loving American patriots of the Republican and Tea Parties.
  2. I say lets compromise a win/win situation for everyone. Lets give Palestines their own state! Thats a win for the Palestinians.

    Now lets make that state exist in Iran so that Israel gets its land back. Thats a win for Israel.


    There is no more fighting because palestinans are far away. Palestinians are with like minded people (both hate Israel) so they get along there. Israelis are free from palestinan problem makers.

    Iran has alot more land than israel, so they should be willing to give some up to their brothers.
  3. I agree with this. We should give the Palis a state in Iran.
  4. Luke.....what do you think ?
  5. Lucrum ain't gonna like it :D
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    Why? It's not Israel that Lucrum and most of the rest of us hate. IT'S YOU!!
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    Now I understand why some of the leftys are talking about hillary clinton.

    They are showing Obama they can destroy him more quickly than they propped him up.

    wow is the liberal media dangerous.
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    When is Baron going to veto you?

  9. Be careful luke.... don't say anything you'll regret later . :( .
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    If you're not living on the edge you're taking up too much space.

    Can you remember that?
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