Obama will save USA by charging Canadians at the border (this is not a joke)

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  1. Meanwhile latest US military base in Europe (mini city) cost so much money I don't even want to know how much

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  3. Hopefully he will start charging Mexicans .
  4. This type of rhetoric has been all over the news in Canada lately. Obama used to be very popular in Canada when he was first elected, but sentiment has completely changed since then for his perceived "anti-Canada" policies and comments. The USA is so backward in their priorities right now it is astonishing. Another reason for Canadians to dislike USA:

    U.S. deserves ‘total control’ of northern border: lawmaker

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    It doesn't seem that unreasonable to me
  6. 'Cept they won't have any money until our social system gives them some.
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    I don't see how discouraging Canadians from visiting our country is a good thing and a net positive economically. Dems are retarded when it comes to understanding the concept of incentive/disincentive.

    That is what happens when you get a community organizer with little to no accomplishments other than being charismatic, black and a Harvard grad.

    Fortunately this won't apply to those driving into the country, and mainly just applies to flights. A $5.50 charge probably isn't enough to discourage someone from getting on a flight, but still sleazy, IMO.
  8. Obama used to be very popular everywhere.
    He even got a Nobel prize if you remember.
    The popularity actually was based on ' Nobody can be worse than Bush'. Now we know
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