Obama will not let the old people and students down - Invest in senior living loans

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Port1385, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Obama aint going to let the old timers down. Brookdale and Sunrise senior living is where its at right now. So is FMD.

    Will Obama let our seniors and students down? Go ahead and give support to Obama buy buying a nice block of FMD, SRZ, and BKD at the open. Guaranteed double from here...
  2. Oh, yeah! SRZ really looks like a stock I want to buy. Obama? Think Clinton. Obama is a closet conservative. Old folks will die in droves in the gutters on his watch.
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  3. The truth? Old folks are just going to DIE. That's why funeral homes like SCI are recovering.
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  4. PortI385


    You're not elite enough to understand.

  5. zdreg


    i suppose you can hedge your bet by buying SCI and SRZ.
    the reality is there is going to be triage. the baby boomers are going down for the count except for barbara streisand and the kennedys. that will be the reality of universal health care.
  6. YOU ARE TOTALLY OFF. Seniors are dumping these living centers and getting their names off of their waiting lists.

    Why you ask? Because in order to pay of these expensive services, these seniors have to sell their homes (st a high price). Guess what, they can't due to the state of the housing market. So they end up simply staying in their houses even if it is dangerous. This translates into negative earnings and no long term growth. Do your homework!

    And why the hell would a professional investor buy a stock to support a president? Are you high?
  7. LOL. Why do so many people think Obama is the coming savior? Obama's hands are going to be tied like no other president before him because the US government is broke.

  8. Portly, I am elite enough to post CHARTS in support of my ass-sertions. And I happen to be one of those old farts you think is going to flock to ass-sisted living. Fact is we are going to inconvenience our heirs and die messily in our own beds. You'll never need fancy funerary services, though. Give you an enema and they could bury you in a thimble.
  9. Naked Shorty, it ain't dangerous for me to stay in MY house. I live in a neighborhood of retired gun nuts. We keep a neighborhood raghead watch 24/7. Enough firepower to fight WWII again.
  10. How interesting, the thread was started by Port1385 and a follow-up posted by PortI385 -- note the difference between the "1" and the "I." Same person? Now where is TraderZones?

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